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Moana's "You're Welcome: New Grad Version

Changing Moana's "You're Welcome" to fit the my new-grad state of mind! Enjoy!

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You're stressed out.

Ok, ok, I see what’s happening here

You’re face to face with adult-ness, and it’s strange

You don’t even know how you feel

It’s terrible!

Well, it’s nice to see that new-grads never change

Close your eyes, turn away

Yes, it’s really me, it’s real-ity: breathe it in!

I know it’s a lot: where’s the God?

When you’re staring at a student debt

What can I say except you’re stressed out

For the grades, and homework done on the fly

Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay

You’re stressed out

I’m just a little kid in disguise (dis-guy)


What has the bums that looked at the sky

When you were coddling that GPA (GP-I)

This gal

When the nights got long

And stole you’re fire from down below

You’re lookin’ at him, yo

Oh, also I considered the going on the run

You’re stressed out

To stretch the pays and maybe have fun

Also, I garnered the fees

You’re stressed out

To fill your (pocket) tails and shake your keys

So, what can I say except you’re stressed out

For the grades I pulled above a C

There’s no need to go gray, it’s okay

You’re stressed out!

Ha, I guess it’s just my day of feeling glee

You’re stressed out!

You’re stressed out!

Well, come to think of it

Kid, modestly (poor) I can go on and on

I can explain every natural adultmeltdown

The snide, the crass, the trust-fund baby bound o

That was university messing around

I cooked a meal

I felt like a putz

Lots my key, now you got me going nuts

What’s the lesson

What’s the take-away

Don’t mess with real-ity when he’s on the break away

And the pencil dust here on my skin

Is a map of the tests in the bin

Look where I’ve been

I made something happen

Look at that mini-real-ity just tippityy-tappin’

Well, anyway let me say you’re stressed out

About the expensive world to and fro

Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay

You’re stressed out!

Well, come to think of it, I just have to go

Hey, it’s your day to say you’re stressed out

But eventually, you might float

I’m sailing away, away

You’re stressed out!

‘Cause real-ity can do anything and gloat

You’re stressed out!

You’re stressed out!

And let’s do this!

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