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7 DIY Party Decorations To Make Your Child's Socially Distanced Birthday Special

Birthdays and crafting are my two favourite things.

Due to social distancing, birthday parties look a little different this year...but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be special. Here are seven awesome DIY decorations to help transform your house into a family party palace.

1. Create a giant, decorative number.

2. Turn your paper lanterns into ice-cream cones.

3. Create a rainbow backdrop.

4. Or — using the same colour scheme — create woolly, tassel garlands.

5. Make your balloons sparkle.

6. Or turn them into doughnuts.

7. And finally, suspend a streamer wall.

From readymade party decorations to all your DIY needs, Big W has everything you need to make your child's birthday extra special. And thanks to their home delivery service, you can even shop online for all your birthday party needs.