11 Phrases That Will End Awkward Football Conversations

Next time everyone’s talking football and you’re… not, try a little conversational wizardry. Here are some stone cold lines that can help you avoid uncomfortable conversations. If you really want to step up your pretend game, check out Big Mac Football Fantasy.

1. "Do you think I should trade Roddy White?"

2. "Do you think the best college team could beat the worst professional team?"

3. "Where's your jersey? Aren't you watching the game?"

4. "Ugh. I lost my matchup because of RGIII's garbage time touchdown."

5. "What do you think the Dolphins' chances are of making the playoffs?"

6. "OMG the Denver offense is unstoppable! Do you think they can be stopped? …Because I don't."

7. "Do you think I should start Alex Smith or Matthew Stafford this week?"

8. "Do you think Tony Romo has what it takes?"

9. "Do you know how many points the Ravens D/ST got yesterday?"

10. "Did you see the game last night?"

11. "Did you see the catch that Calvin Johnson made? Isn't he incredible?!"

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