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9 Things Everyone Should Know About Minnesota

As the current national leader in voter turnout, we know that Minnesota means business. Visit today for more info on voting early in MN and securing your voice in the 2020 election. And remember — anyone can vote early!

1. Minnesota has been home to some major talent, including the likes of Judy Garland, Prince, and Bob Dylan.

2. Minnesota got its name from the Dakota tribe's word for muddy, sky-tinted water — "mnisota" — inspired by the appearance of the state's Minnesota River.

3. All residents of the North Star State should ensure their identification number matches the one used on their ballot application.

4. Another reason Minnesota is a voting paradise? All voters in Minnesota are eligible to vote by mail.

5. And this year, Minnesota was one of the first states to start early voting in-person (which anyone can do, right now). At present, already hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans have made their voices heard.

6. Water skiing was invented in Minnesota in 1922 by Ralph Samuelson.

7. The Minneapolis Skyway System is the world's largest continuous system of the sort, extending eleven miles.

8. Theodore Roosevelt delivered his renowned "speak softly and carry a big stick" speech in 1901 in Minnesota.

9. Don't forget: You can register and vote in person at the same time throughout the rest of early voting and on Election Day.

Minnesota, it's your moment. Make a plan to vote this election at, whether you're voting in-person or by mail!

You can also call 833-DFL-VOTE (833-335-8683) with any voting questions!

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