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What Your Favorite Color Really Says About You

You really CAN have a colorful personality! The BIC® 4-Color™ pen helps you express all parts of yourself!

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So you love red? Full of vitality and voracity, you know what you want and you know how to go about getting it. Sometimes impulsive, you like to mix things up and get out of your comfort zone.

Orange you fabulous! Forget blending in, you adore being with other people and absolutely love the taste of luxury. Fun-loving and extroverted, you can be dramatic at times but NEVER go unnoticed.

Mellow yellow, indeed! You're filled with positive energy and love a little mental exploration. Because you don't mind standing out and are very intellectual, you have a robust sense of humor.

Take a sigh of relief, my friend. Green is all about hope, peace, and harmony. You are very aware of yourself within a community context. You're always open, honest, and very fair.

Blue, you say? A true blue is an introspective person, able to relate to others with compassion. Being very patient and observant of other people and their boundaries, you're sensitive as a result. People rely on you for your wise and grounded character.

Those who love turquoise are too complex to adore blue. You're all about your individuality and always play it cool, even when under a lot of stress. Your imagination is what keeps you unique.

Power purple! You're very unique, witty, and sensitive. You always maintain your originality through self-expression. At times, your unconventional qualities can be misinterpreted, but everything you do is well intentioned.

Think pink. You might not be as bold as red, but you are very sensual and loving. Able to balance passion with sensibility, you like to feel secure. You might seem delicate, but you're just a gentle soul.

No need to frown, brown. You are extremely steadfast, conscientious, reliable, grounded, and more conservative in your everyday life. You're not impulsive, because that's too undependable. Rather, you are always accountable for your actions and headstrong.

Hey gray! You are sleek and well composed. This, of course, does not come without caution and compromise. You live for consistency and reliability and are willing to work hard to get to where you want in life.

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