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15 Ways To Totally Kill It With Color

Life doesn't have to be so monochromatic. Why not make your world more colorful? The BIC® 4-Color™ pen lets you do more with four!

1. Wear the ever-so-daring "braidation."

2. Run a 5k for the sake of a little #DOC.

3. Refuse to pick a favorite color.

4. Sit under 50 shades of parasols.

5. Paint the town... well, all sorts of colors!

6. Learn to blend in while standing out.

7. Celebrate color all over the globe.

8. Realize that a base coat doesn't have to be basic.

9. Get a little more pep in your step.

10. Make food that looks too good to eat.

11. Surround yourself with light that demands to stay on.

12. Be the art you observe!

13. Make sure you never miss a spot with ultraviolet shaving cream.

14. Rev up your car's look.

15. And don't let a gray day inspire a one-note wardrobe.