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    23 '90s Fashions That Are Making A Comeback, Whether You Like It Or Not

    Are you mentally prepared for this?

    1. How can you resist these necklaces when they look so hot?

    2. It's been years since we discovered that combat boots go well with anything.

    3. One jacket, endless possibilities.

    4. We're still fans of metallic makeup and girl power.

    5. The '90s are back with floral dresses and goth looks.

    6. Facial paint and flourishes weren't invented at Coachella, you know.

    (Not that Gwen invented them, either.)

    7. If you thought jelly sandals were just for little girls, you're so wrong.

    8. Platform shoes are back in every conceivable shape and form.

    9. Scrunchies can be one of the most controversial hair accessories, but they are a casual girl's best friend.

    10. Nothing says grunge like a flannel shirt...especially in 2016.

    11. God bless the denim shirt that never went out of fashion.

    12. Even though it's more popular than ever, colorful dyed hair isn't as recent as you think.

    13. Crop tops are one of the best legacies handed down to us from the great epoch known as the '90s.

    14. Mom jeans are a comfortable option, whatever decade you live in.

    15. Has the fanny pack's return to the fashion scene convinced you that it's the most practical way to carry your things?

    16. With the right combination, overalls could be your hottest look.

    17. Hopefully round sunglasses are back for good.

    18. Little buns are back and are more stylish than ever.

    19. The rules of makeup might have changed, but dark lipstick is the most endearing of essentials.

    20. Shout out to the '90s for giving us the coolest way to carry everything in one place.

    21. Few garments are as subtly sexy as the shoulderless top.

    22. Denim with denim would have been a sin five years ago, but all that has changed now.

    23. Animal print has always been one of the hardest trends to pull off, but if you know how to wear it, it's a surefire winner.