17 Reasons Why Sansa Stark Is Actually The Best "Game Of Thrones" Character

    Despite all odds (and all the sadistic guys she had to deal with), Sansa's always come out on top.

    Throughout Game of Thrones, we've seen the fortunes of countless characters rise and fall — but there's always been one character in particular who's only ever gotten stronger: Sansa Stark.

    How exactly do we love the Lady of Winterfell? Let us count the ways:

    1. Over eight seasons of the show, Sansa's character arc has changed the most: we first met her as the goodie-two-shoes who was eager to please back in Season 1, and now, we know her as a wise leader and strategist, AKA, the Lady of Winterfell.

    2. She's survived so much: Not only did she become engaged at age 13 to the most hateful teen in the universe, but she was also forced to witness her father's execution.

    3. Afterward, she was forced to marry a member of the very same family that literally killed her father — but then she orchestrated her own escape.

    4. Plus, she had to wear some pretty crazy courtly hairstyles (but still rocked it anyway, of course!).

    5. Plus, even when everyone was terrified of King Joffrey, Sansa still tried to beg for mercy from Joffrey before the execution...

    And all the while, she knew she had to play it safe, because she understood how dangerous the stakes were for herself.

    6. As if dealing with Joffrey wasn't enough, she also survived her forced marriage to the other most despicable Game of Thrones villain, Ramsay Bolton.

    7. I cannot emphasize her enough: our girl Sansa personally dealt with two of the most sadistic characters that have ever existed in the fictional universe.

    8. And when it came to exacting revenge on Ramsay, she knew how to do it with the perfect amount of poetic justice.

    9. Sansa was also the first Stark to forgive Theon, despite everything that happened to Winterfell because of him.

    10. And, may I remind you that she's the only one who has stood up to Daenerys???

    11. In fact, she's become a character who isn't afraid of confrontation at all.

    12. And by adapting quickly to any situation in order to survive, she's basically proved herself as one of the most cunning characters, too.

    13. Case in point: Sansa not only dodged Littlefinger's gross come-ons without angering him, but she also had the time to pick up several of his tricks along the way.

    14. Plus, we can't forget that scene where she smacked the living h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of Robyn, which honestly gave all of us a sense of release.

    15. And even though she's endured so much violence and mistreatment, Sansa's still proved herself to be big-hearted and loving.

    16. She's not too proud to admit that she's made mistakes — or ask for forgiveness...

    17. And she's done all of this WITHOUT the help of any kind of magic — no dragons, no secret assassin society, no mystery potions — and **that** is what makes her the best Game of Thrones character, hands down.

    In summary, long live Sansa Stark: the endlessly tough, extremely strategic, and egregiously well-dressed leader who we all actually deserve. May she reign forever.

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    This post was translated from Spanish.