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23 Ways You Could Be Using Rubber Bands You Never Thought Of

Who knew a small rubber loop could change your life forever?

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4. Or use rubber bands for making your own works of art. / Via

Move over, Jackson Pollock! Just string some rubber bands over a frame with a sheet of paper under it, and *twang* your brushes on them to create some interesting abstract art.


10. Stop your glasses from slipping with just a couple rubber bands.

JumbleJoy / Via

Sure, this might work a bit better if you find bands that match your frames, but those bits are tucked behind your ears anyways, so don't fret too much about it.


14. Use a rubber band to loosen your pants when they're too tight.

Flickr: reebob

Maybe you went a little overboard at the buffet, or maybe you're expecting, but a rubber band looped through your fly will give your pants a little extra elasticity.


22. Here's one you've probably never thought of before – use a rubber band to work that stripped screw out.

HouseholdHacker / Via

The rubber will give your screwdriver the little bit of extra grip that it needs to get that screw right out of there.