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    This Pink Lake In Mexico Is So Beautiful It Looks Completely Out Of This World

    *heart eyes emoji*

    The state of Yucatán, Mexico, has an incredible amount of natural wonders.

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    From spectacular cenotes to dreamy ecological reserves.

    But there's a very special place that looks like it's taken straight out of a fairytale.

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    It's called Las Coloradas — aka the pink lake — located on the northern coast of Mexico in Ría Lagarto National Park.

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    The sanctuary was declared a protection zone for sea turtles over 25 years ago.

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    And it's a little oasis full of color.

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    Free of massive hotels and shopping malls.

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    The lake's bright pink color comes from the high concentration of salt and microorganisms in the water.

    Fun fact: These same microorganisms are eaten by flamingos, giving the birds their vibrant hue.

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    The shore is lined with mountains of salt and crystals that make it look even more magical.

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    There's no way to resist its peace and tranquility.

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    I mean, just look at that cotton candy pink water.

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    *Books flights to Mexico*

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    This post was translated from Spanish.