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14 Things All Pants-Wearing Guys Need To Know Before They're Actually Allowed To Wear Pants

Pants shopping just got a whole lot easier.

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1. When it comes to pants, sizing consists of two numbers.

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For example, you might be a size 32 × 34. While 32 refers to the width of the pants (and of your waist), 34 is the length from your waist down to your ankles.

2. To get your measurements, use a tape measure.

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To measure your waist, hold the tape measure close to the skin just above your hip bone — you should either have your shirt off or pulled up to get an accurate measurement. Stand up straight, exhale slowly, and adjust the tape measure to where it feels comfortable. The result in inches is your waist size.

To find the length, lay your favorite pair of pants out on a flat surface and measure the inseam. Starting from the crotch, pull the measuring tape down the inside of one leg and to the very bottom of the pant leg. This approach is easier than trying to measure the pants while they're on your body.


3. If you’re buying pleated pants online, double and TRIPLE check your measurements.

Pleated pants need to have hips that are cut large enough to accommodate for the depth of the pleats – they should lay flat and not pull open on your body. For this reason, double check your measurements and, if you're coming up on a half measurement, try rounding up.

For example:

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Skinny is extra tight.

Slim is tight across the thighs and the butt.

Regular is tight across the thighs and the butt, but loose on the legs.

Relaxed is loose, but not extremely so.

Loose and baggy are very loose and roomy everywhere.

Trendy is loose-fitting, but tighter at the ankles (kind of like sweatpants).

For example:

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Bootcut: wider cut at the ankles to lay flat over boots.

Skinny leg: narrow leg.

Wide leg: wider leg.

Straight leg: straight leg.

High rise: the length between the crotch and the waist is longer.

Mid rise: the length between the crotch and the waist is medium.

Low rise: the length between the crotch and the waist is short.


6. If your body type is an inverted triangle (aka your chest is wider than your hips) bootcut pants will look very good on you.

7. But if you're slender, go for slim-cut pants.

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Check that the length looks good. If too much fabric hangs down at the ankle, you probably need a smaller size (or you can just take them to the tailor).

10. The ideal length for your pants is mid-heel.

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You can play a bit with the length, but not too much. If you bought a pair that's too long, take them to the tailor and get them hemmed so that you look your best the next time you wear them.

If you're in a bind and need your pants to fit perfectly ASAP, try iron-on hemming tape. You can get it from Amazon for $6.08.


14. In the hotter months, opt for lightweight materials like cotton and linen.

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And of course, your favorite jeans. Experiment with beige, greens, and mustard.

This post was translated from Spanish.


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