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    14 Things All Pants-Wearing Guys Need To Know Before They're Actually Allowed To Wear Pants

    Pants shopping just got a whole lot easier.

    1. When it comes to pants, sizing consists of two numbers.

    2. To get your measurements, use a tape measure.

    3. If you’re buying pleated pants online, double and TRIPLE check your measurements.

    Pleated pants need to have hips that are cut large enough to accommodate for the depth of the pleats – they should lay flat and not pull open on your body. For this reason, double check your measurements and, if you're coming up on a half measurement, try rounding up.

    4. Fit refers to the way the pants lay on your body.

    For example:

    5. Cut refers to the design of the pants.

    For example:

    6. If your body type is an inverted triangle (aka your chest is wider than your hips) bootcut pants will look very good on you.

    7. But if you're slender, go for slim-cut pants.

    8. If you don't know your body type, always go for the straight cut and mid-rise. You can't lose.

    9. Your jeans should fit you as well as your dress pants do.

    10. The ideal length for your pants is mid-heel.

    11. If you're going to roll your cuffs, check out the various ways you can do so:

    12. Always have a pair of khaki pants in your closet.

    13. Wear corduroy, wool, and mixed-fiber pants during the coldest months.

    14. In the hotter months, opt for lightweight materials like cotton and linen.

    Now you're ready to go out and conquer the world.

    This post was translated from Spanish.