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Top Ten Comics for Feminists

This one is for the ladies.

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1. Bitch Planet

Valentine De Landro / Via

Legendary writer, Kelly Sue DeConnick released Bitch Planet in 2014. The comic tells the story of Penny and many other prisoners who have been deemed “non-compliant” by their patriarchal overlords and have been sent away to the toughest penal institution in the galaxy where they must survive not only against other badass women but abusive guards and their hidden agendas. This sci-fi comic’s artwork by Valentine de Landro is heavily inspired by the seventies and was an Eisner Award nominee.

2. Saga

Fiona Staples / Via

The epic space opera written by Brian Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples, tells the story of Marco and Alana, and their quest to find safety for the sake of their newborn during an ages old galactic war. Marco and Alana soon become most wanted criminals as inhabitants from all over the galaxy try to destroy them once and for all. The comic series has won multiple Eisner Awards for their impeccable story-telling and art work and is one of the best selling comics of the past five years.

3. The One%

Kaare Kyle Andrews / Via

The one percent hold a majority of Earth’s wealth and destroyed many of the people’s resources and institutions to get there. Now with an immeasurable amount of power but no satisfied appetite, will they ever be stopped? Renato Jones is here to make sure they pay. Armed with weaponry and vigilante, the mysterious assassin will make sure the one percent get what’s coming to them.

4. Paper Girls

Matt Wilson / Via

This comic series pays homage to the eighties. Written by Brian Vaughan, it tells the story of four pre-teen girls who deliver the newspaper every morning in their neighborhood, but one morning they discover something is not right with their paper route and those who live on it. They soon discover a new breed of monster has taken shelter there and they soon go on a string of adventures to figure out who they are and why they’re there. The girls in this comic are diverse, brave and absolute ball busters.

5. The Lumberjanes

Brooke A. Allen / Via Boom! Studios

This comic released under Boom! Studios is written by Noelle Stevenson and Shannon Walters and is illustrated by Brooke A. Allen. This cutesy comic tells the story of five best friends who spend go to summer camp and become Lumberjane Scouts, what seems at first an innocent summer of fun and adventure turns into one of supernatural happenings and and weird encounters. The Lumberjanes then embark on a quest to figure out the source and reasonings behind these mysteries. The Lumberjanes won two Eisner Awards in 2015.

7. Surgeon X

John Watkiss / Via

When Britain’s government falls into the hands of the far right while simultaneously experiencing a mass antibiotic apocalypse, people start taking matters in their own hands and Surgeon X is one of them. Provided one of Europe’s most renegade medical practices, she vows to make she those who can’t get governmental help get it from her.

8. Cry Havoc

Emma Price / Via

Lou is a street musician who gets overtaken by a supernatural terror. She then discovers she can morph into a werewolf and is also set to destroy the monster who made her this way.

9. Ms. Marvel


When this Marvel comic made its debut in 2014, it made a splash all over the world. Willow Wilson tells the story of Kamala Khan, a Muslim teenager growing up in Jersey City. Tired of feeling like she doesn’t belong, Khan is suddenly struck with extraordinary superpowers and the large amount of responsibility that comes with them.

10. Rat Queens


If you’re into folklore and stories set in medieval times, then this comic is just for you. Meet the Rat Queens, a group of badass maidens for hire who hunt and kill creatures for profit. Not only are they tough as nails, but they are smart, funny, and downright sassy.

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