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Ten Reasons Why The Presence Of Kamala Khan Is Needed Now More Than Ever


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Many of you know, the Muslim community has been facing an increase of discrimination and Islamophobia. And with the presidency of Donald Trump, Muslims are being treated as second class citizens.

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DALLAS, TX - JANUARY 28: Protesters gather to denounce President Donald Trump's executive order that bans certain immigration, at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on January 28, 2017 in Dallas, Texas. President Trump signed the controversial executive order that halted refugees and residents from predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States. (Photo by G. Morty Ortega/Getty Images)

1. Her Presence Breaks Stereotypes

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Kamala is the first Muslim superhero to get her own series. Her presence as a young superhero allows many readers to see the everyday life of American Muslims and diversifies the comic universe.

2. The first issue breaks down self-confidence issues many young WOC face

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In the first issue, Kamala breaks down her issues with her self-esteem and how being surrounded by skinny, blonde, white women in the media makes her feel unwanted and ugly. Kamala's struggle with self-confidence highlights a problem many women of color face.

3. Her character is beneficial to all WOC

Marvel / Via No Ordinary Obsession

A teenage WOC who battles the evils of society and the supernatural? Check. Kamala's character opens the gateway for other mainstream comic publishers to diversify their characters so their readers can have more heroes to relate to.

4. It gives readers a real look into Islam

Marvel / Via The AV Club

Religion and superheroes was just something that never mixed in many comics, but Ms. Marvel changes that. In the series, you see Kamala routinely go to her Mosque for prayer and guidance. This allows many readers who are probably not familiar with Islam and its practices get an up close look through Kamala's experiences.

5. Kamala is apologetically Muslim.

Marvel / Via Blavity

She never shows regret for her faith or any indication she's ashamed of her faith. Kamala's dedication to her faith is something truly remarkable in the comic world.

6. It proves that not all Muslim women wear the Hijab

Marvel / Via

A big misconception about Muslim women is that they are forced to wear a hijab and the headscarf is a symbol of oppression, but this isn't the case. While Kamala's has a friend who proudly wears a hijab, Kamala doesn't because she chose not to.

7. It gives an inside look of the Muslim family household (which is pretty normal)

Marvel / Via Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

She has dinner with her family every night and argues with her parents about boys and homework. She gets grounded. She bickers with her brother. But they love they have for each other is just like any other American family.

8. Many of the stories in the comic parallel to real stories related to Muslims

Marvel / Via Jon Negroni

Her character finally gives Muslim readers the chance to relate to a superhero in many different ways.

10. She proves that Muslims girls are just like any other girl in the United States

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They have crushes. They go to school. They study hard and make goals for themselves. Kamala shows that Muslim girls are just like every other girl in America.

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