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10 Amazing Comic Book Characters Of Color

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1. Misty Knight, Marvel Comics

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The legendary crime fighter made her debut in 1972 in Marvel Team Up #1 and quickly became the ultimate female hero many comic fans were dreaming of. Misty graduated from the New York City Police Academy with top honors and soon became a patrolman in the Twelfth Precinct. One day while on duty, she encountered a group of terrorists trying to bomb a bank. She managed to retrieve the bomb but it detonated in her hands, causing her to lose her right arm which was immediately replaced by a bionic arm. Consumed by confusion and uncertainty, Misty resigned from the police force and fell into depression. Her close friend, Colleen, encouraged her to use her new arm to her advantage. Eventually, Misty and Colleen became a dynamic, crime fighting duo with their own investigation firm: Nightwing Restorations. Misty’s incredible strength and intelligence, bravery, ballsy attitude, and natural hair finally gave African American comic readers a heroine to look up to.

2. Black Panther, Marvel Comics

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T’Challa is from the African kingdom of Wakanda where he is the heir and leader of the Panther Clan. He studied in Europe and North America and later underwent a series of rituals in Wakanda to obtain a heart shape herb that will link him to the Panther God Bast. He eventually earned the herb and all of the enhanced abilities that came with it. Now as Wakanda’s new leader, he saw many potential threats to his kingdom and invited the Fantastic Four to help him guard his community. While the Fantastic Four were there, he made them undergo tests and rituals to prove their loyalty and strength. After the rituals, he allied with them and he soon became a close ally with the Avengers. Black Panther fought crime in both North America and Africa, bridging the gap between the two continents. His agility, loyalty, strength, and strong African roots inspired many male African American comic readers during the height of the Civil Rights Movement and Black Panther Movement.

3. Vixen, DC Comics

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Vixen’s parents passed away when she was only a little girl. However, she discovered the necklace she inherited from her parents is called a Tantu Totem and can give her the powers of any animal in the world. Beholding her powers, Vixen vowed to defend innocent humans and animals alike across Detroit. When she isn’t fighting crime, she is an animal rights activist and model. Vixen made her first comic appearance in Action Comics #521 in 1981.

4. Katana, DC Comics

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Before she became Katana, Tatsu Yamashiro was a martial arts expert and samurai master, however, when her husband is killed at the hands of the Yakuza, that all changed. After her husband’s tragic death, Tatsu moved to America where she eventually ended up fighting along the Suicide Squad and the Justice League. During combat, Katana carries a sword called Soultaker because it carries the souls of her husband and many more. Katana spends her days avenging the burdens of the souls that reside in her blade to relieve them and give them peace. While she fights and protects those around her, she hopes one day to avenge the death of husband so his soul can be freed and he can finally be at peace. Katana’s first appearance was in Brave and the Bold #200 in 1983.

5. Alana, Image Comics

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In this best selling comic series, Alana was a soldier on her home planet, Landfall, when she fell in love with Marco, a prisoner of war from Landfall’s moon, Wreath. The two entities have been at war for centuries and any communication between civilians of the combating planets was considered automatic treason, which made their relationship incredibly dangerous. Things get more dangerous for the couple when they run away together and have a child, making them the most wanted family in the galaxy. So what makes Alana so awesome? Well, within five minutes of giving birth she fought and ran against assassins, carried her wounded husband up a mountain, and spent the first six years of her child’s life fighting on the other side of the galaxy to get back to her. Alana is as feisty and brave as they come. If you’re not reading Saga, you should be.

6. Reyn, Image Comics

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Reyn is the last of monster slayer and swordsman of his homeland Fate. The series picks off as he is in the midst of a great quest that is being led by a guardian angel. During his quest he’ll rescue many of Fate’s dwellers, pair up with a sorcerer, and a member of a secret coven.

7. Moonstar, Marvel Comics

DC Comics

A highly underrated and particularly unknown comic book character, Moonstar’s journey starts in Boulder, Colorado as a member of the Cheyenne tribe. When she turned ten, her mutant powers started to develop and she soon discovered she had the powers of decimation and animal telepathy. Her grandfather, Black Eagle, soon adopted her after her parents’ deaths, but soon realized he could not help her control her powers. He contacted Charles Xavier of the Xavier Institute to give Moonlight a better environment where she can learn and manage her new abilities. After a lot of resentment, she eventually enrolled and eventually became a member of the New Mutants.

8. Storm, Marvel Comics


One of the most popular of the X-Men, Storm is the descendant of African priestesses who all possess supernatural powers. However, Storm was born in Manhattan since her mother married a photojournalist and she moved with him to America soon after they were married. When Storm was six months old, her parents had moved to Cairo, Eygpt and an Arab-Israeli conflict had erupted there five years later. Her parents were soon tragically killed and she was orphaned with only the clothes on her back and an ancient ruby in her hand. She was soon taken up by street urchins who introduced her to Achmed el-Gibar who taught her how to manage her powers. Many years later, Storm was recruited by Charles Xavier to join the X-Men and the rest was history. She spent the majority of her life fighting crime around the world with the X-Men and soon became a staple in the Xavier Institute.

9. Kamala Khan, Marvel Comics


A teenage Pakistani American growing up in Jersey City, Kamala Khan’s debut as Ms. Marvel sent shock waves across the comic book fandom because of her Islamic roots. Within the first few pages of the first issue, Kamala opens up about her insecurities and being surrounded by media that pushes European features as the standard of beauty. She also opens up about her religion makes her feel outcasted by her peers. However, she soon morphs into Ms. Marvel, a superhero with shapeshifting abilities. Now Kamala must navigate her teenage years as the lone hero of Jersey City.

10. Cyborg, DC Comics

DC Comics

Before Cyborg was Cyborg, he was Vic Stone, a star football player and all around good kid. The one problem in Vic’s life was the fact he never had his father’s approval. A top scientist, Vic was used to seeing his dad dive into his career and leave him behind. Until one day he became his father’s most successful experiments. After suffering a life threatening injury, his father took his body and replaced the broken parts with robotic ones. Now Vic Stone is Cyborg, a half human, half robot superhero who is connected to every computer on Earth. Cyborg’s first appearance was in DC Comics Presents #26 in 1980.

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