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    24 Hero Products From Amazon Canada That’ll Solve All The Problems That Might Make You Cringe

    These products are total life-savers, IMO.

    1. An electric ear irrigation kit that'll help you safely remove earwax buildup sans cotton swabs. It has four pressure settings, four spray settings, and a light-up nozzle to help you see exactly what you're doing.

    a person cleaning another person's ear with the kit

    2. A knife and cutlery cleaner to brush away bits of food if you get the heebie-jeebies when your digits are dangerously close to a slippery blade (it me). Sliding a utensil through the bristles a couple of times will get it ✨sparkling✨ again.

    a person using the brush to wipe a knife

    3. A nose hair waxing kit so you can get rid of those pesky lil' hairs in the comfort of your own home. The applicators have a handle to ensure you can get everything out in one mostly-painless tug (seriously). The results will last up to five weeks and reviewers suggest not making the wax too hot for best results.

    a before and after of the inside of someone's nose

    4. A pack of bed bug traps to help you detect and grab those pests before they stage a full-blown invasion. Pop 'em under the legs of your bed to help prevent creepy crawlies from climbing up and making a home (and multiplying) in your mattress.

    a leg of a bed sitting in the plastic dish on a hardwood floor

    5. A Tushy bidet attachment that'll keep your bottom happy while you get down to business in the bathroom. It'll get you squeaky-clean down there and it'll even help you save money on toilet paper— bonus!

    the attachment on a toilet

    6. And a Squatty Potty if you have a bit of trouble gettin' the job done quickly. It'll help you get into the right position to eliminate 💩waste💩 in a timely manner, without any uncomfortable cramps or straining.

    the squatty potty in front of a toilet in a bathroom

    7. An anti-nail biting solution to help you kick your nervous habit once and for all. It tastes awful but it's unscented, so you won't have to worry about a pungent aroma sticking around all day.

    A person putting the solution onto their nails

    8. A slotted egg separator that'll split your yolks from your whites and save you from getting your hands slimy. It has a hook on the side to help balance it on your bowl, so you can use both hands for crackin'.

    an egg yolk sitting in the separator over a bowl

    9. A set of sweat-blocking wipes that'll protect you from perspiration for an entire week after just one application. Reviewers say they're life-changing, and really help if you sweat a considerable amount.

    a person wiping their underarm with the sweat blocking wipe

    10. Or a pack of adhesive underarm pads that'll soak up any excess sweat from your armpits. Say goodbye to visibly sweating in fancy clothes or yellow stains on your fave white T-shirt!

    A person showing the sweat pads on the inside of their shirt

    11. An exfoliating foot peel mask if your tootsies are in desperate need of some TLC and you can't bear to drag yourself to a nail salon for a pedicure before you haul your sandals out. It'll transform your feet in a week, all from the comfort of your own home (and it'll even get rid of stubborn calluses).

    12. A box of anti-diarrhea medication that'll soothe your tummy ache and prevent the inevitable trip to the bathroom. Now you won't have to worry about spending your entire evening perched on your porcelain throne.

    the box of imodium in front of a plain background

    13. Or a powdered fibre supplement if you're feeling less than regular down there. Mixing some in with a glass of water will help regulate your digestive system, meaning you won't have to feel icky and bloated for days while you wait for your body to get👏 it👏 together👏.

    the container of metamucil next to a cup filled on a counter

    14. An extra-long scrubbing brush that'll reach to the deepest and darkest corners of your water bottles. Let's be real, you haven't properly cleaned yours since you bought them and this will make sure that grime at the very bottom is clean before you take another sip.

    Victoria holding up the extra long scrubbing sponge with a sink in the background

    15. An anti-chafing balm to save you from the dreaded discomfort caused by the combo of heat and friction. It’ll create a soothing barrier wherever your skin rubs together, so you’ll stay comfortable throughout the warmer months.

    A person rolling the stick onto their inner thigh

    16. A drain snake kit that'll help you get all the built-up gunk out of your shower and sink drains. It'll save you from hiring a plumber and the amount of gross stuff you'll pull out will be shocking, yet satisfying.

    A person's using the drain snake on a shower drain

    17. A reusable pet hair remover to pick up everything your dog or cat has shed like a magnet. Simply dump the fur out when it gets full and it'll be ready to roll the next time your couch looks like it's covered in a fur blanket.

    A person using the hair remover on a couch cushion

    18. A pair of slides that'll protect your feet from any germs hanging out in the shared showers at the gym. They have good traction, so you won't slip and slide on the soapy tiles and reviewers love that they don't retain water and say they dry quickly, too.

    a single sandal in front of a plain background

    19. A tube of Colgate toothpaste for anyone that's been less than stellar with their flossing lately. It'll also help strengthen your enamel and prevent pesky cavities from ruining your next dental appointment.

    the tube of toothpaste against a plain background

    20. A purse hook so you can keep your bag off the floor when you go out for dinner (or use a public bathroom). Now you won't have to hang your stuff on the back of your chair or leave it to take up space on the table where more bread should be.

    A hook holding up a bag in a public bathroom

    21. A set of teeny mesh stickers that'll keep dirt and gunk from getting caked in your phone speakers (gross). They're breathable and won't muffle the sound at all, so you'll still be able to listen to your fave tunes at full volume.

    a photoset showing the before and after of using the stickers on a phone

    22. A mini foot massager to help ease the aches in your arches after a long day on your feet. Since it's small, you can pop it in your bag and bring it with you — now you can roll away the pain without someone else having to touch your tootsies.

    a person using the massager on their bare feet

    23. A tub of Sudocrem that'll help out with any minor skin irritation that might pop up. Got chafing literally anywhere on your body that's getting uncomfy? This will help. A mystery rash that's appeared overnight? You bet this will fix it. Reviewers love it so much, they call it liquid gold.

    Bianca holding up a tub of the cream

    24. And finally, a bottle of Poo-Pourri so you can avoid any awkward conversations about ~mystery smells~ coming from the bathroom. A few spritzes in the bowl before you do your business and the only scent people will be able to identify will be fresh and citrusy.

    A bottle of the bathroom spray on a bathroom vanity

    These products solving all of your problems:

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