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    28 Amazon Canada Products That'll Become "The Best Thing I Ever Bought"

    I need to know what kind of magic ingredient is in Sudocrem.

    1. A stackable egg box that'll be sturdier (and easier to access in a full fridge) than flimsy cartons. The drawers can fit an impressive 60 oeufs, and since it's transparent, you'll be able to see when you're running low.

    The egg container on a counter beside a person cooking

    2. A tub of Sudocrem that'll help out with any minor skin irritation that might pop up. Got chafing literally anywhere on your body? This will help. A raw nose from that fall cold? You bet this will fix it. Reviewers love it so much, they call it liquid gold.

    Bianca holding up a tub of the cream

    3. A rechargable hand warmer that'll give your paws some extra heat on days when mittens just won't cut it. It has three heat settings and can double as a backup battery for your phone when you're running low on juice.

    the hand warmer leaning on the box in front of a plain background

    4. A tub of Aztec healing clay that'll help suck grime and oil out of your pores and leave your skin looking radiant, thanks to the natural calcium bentonite clay. Reviewers say it's even helped them get rid of pesky breakouts.

    Alice with the dried mask on her face, text overlay saying "my face is 100% frozen"

    5. And a silicone mask mixing set so you can concoct your homemade mud masks and apply them to your face without raiding the kitchen cupboards. It comes with everything you need for a DIY facial and reviewers rave about how easy everything is to clean.

    The face mask mixing set on a table

    6. A stick of foot balm because holiday party season is upon us and you shouldn't have to sacrifice time on the dance floor due to aching and blistered feet. Apply some to your tootsies before sliding your on shoes and you'll be good to dance the night away.

    a person applying the foot balm to the back of their heel on a hike

    7. A faux plant pot litter box so your cat's bathroom won't cramp the aesthetic of your space. Pop this in the corner of a room behind some furniture and nobody will suspect that your kitty is doing their business beneath the palm leaves.

    a cat jumping out of the plant pot litter box

    8. A silicone scalp brush that'll change the game on hair wash day. The soft spikes will help lift away any buildup or dead skin, making it an essential for anyone who has dandruff or product buildup.

    A person using the scalp brush in their hair

    9. A body pillow if you need that head-to-toe support while you lounge and snooze. It can also function as a spooning buddy (that won't hog the covers) when you get cold at night.

    a person using their pillow as a chair in bed

    10. A car upholstery cleaner that'll help you finally get rid of those coffee spills that have been on your seats for months. It'll lather up and remove stains and odours from your seats, carpets, and mats and leave behind a fresh citrusy scent.

    a before and after of a dirty and clean carpet with the bottle of product on it

    11. A set of reusable silicone baking cups you can use to bake a batch of cupcakes, little brownies, and egg bites. Your food will easily pop out of them, so you won't need to use tons of oil or cooking spray.

    a person peeling the baking cup off of a cupcake

    12. A longline sports bra that'll become your new favourite top to practice or lounge in. If structured cups aren't your thing, good news! They're removable, and reviewers say it's a pretty good dupe for a super popular yoga top for a fraction of the price, too.

    A person wearing the tank top and showing how it stretches

    13. A roll of frosted window film that'll stop nosy neighbours from peeking into your place, while still letting in plenty of light. Reviewers love that it totally changes the look of their windows with low cost and minimal effort.

    the film on a window in a bedroom

    14. A set of nylon pan scrapers to help you remove caked-on food from your pots and pans without damaging your cookware. Now you won't have to use knives or *cringe* your nails to clean up tough messes.

    15. A terracotta bear to keep your bag of brown sugar from turning into a brick before holiday baking kicks off. It'll keep the sucre perfectly moist and soft for up to six months after a 20-minute soak in some water.

    the clay bear in a canister of brown sugar

    16. A rechargeable lighter if your disposable ones always seem to be empty when you want to light your favourite candle. Its flexible neck can tilt it in any direction, so you'll be able to reach wicks without burning your fingers.

    The lighter plugged into a laptop on a wooden table next to a plant

    17. A handheld fan to give you an extra burst of cool air whenever you're feeling a little warm. The handle even folds down, so you can use it as a mini tabletop fan (perfect for your desk if your office is feeling a little stuffy).

    a person holding up the adjustable fan while at a baseball diamond

    18. A L'Oréal foundation powder if you want a bit of coverage that still looks really natural. It's lightweight and breathable, meaning you won't feel like your face is being weighed down by product, and it has a matte finish which will help keep shine to a minimum.

    A before and after shot of Bianca's face showing how the powder covered redness

    19. A mini bag sealer to keep your snacks and treats as fresh as possible in your pantry. It'll reseal food packaging in seconds after a nibble, so your chips, cookies, and crackers won't go stale before you reach for them again.

    A person using the gadget to reseal a bag of chips

    20. A foldable sink rack if a classic dish drying rack is out of the question (because you can't fit anything else on your counters). Simply stretch it over your sink when you need it and fold down to store in a drawer when you don't.

    the rack over a sink with limes and glasses on it

    21. A pack of Korean exfoliating washcloths to help you banish dry winter skin with seriously minimal effort. They'll buff away dead skin, leaving you with smooth results that'll be easy to maintain.

    Alice wearing one of the washcloths on her hand

    22. An oversized blanket shawl for anyone who dreads wearing a heavy jacket while they run errands during the colder months. It'll keep you cozy while you're popping in and out of stores (without making you overheat).

    A person wearing the shawl outside on the street

    23. A Kindle Paperwhite if your home is slowly being taken over by stacks of paperbacks due to your insatiable reading habit. It has a glare-free screen for reading in the sun and is completely waterproof, meaning it's perfect for that beach vacation you have planned.

    Bianca holding up a Kindle in front of a chair

    24. A set of floral press-on nails for anyone who wants a salon-quality manicure in minutes (with no drying time). Reviewers say they're durable enough to last through building furniture and washing dishes without budging.

    a hand with the press on nails on them

    25. A silicone pastry mat if you're tired of eyeballing how big to make the top crust of your pie. It's printed with a bunch of different measurements to help you with everything from baking holiday cookies to slinging pizza dough.

    a person kneading a ball of dough on the pastry mat

    26. A kitchen wrap storage rack because you've had enough of cramming your plastic wrap, foil, and parchment paper boxes in a drawer (and jamming it). Now you won't have to play Tetris every time you wrap leftovers.

    the rack with foil and plastic wrap boxes in it in a cupboard

    27. And a cabinet organizer that'll keep your cutting boards and muffin tins within reach. It'll attach over the top of your cabinet doors with little hooks, meaning you don't have to bust out the drill to set them up (perfect for renters struggling with kitchen storage).

    the organizer holding cutting boards and muffin tins on a door

    28. And finally, a gentle Cerave facial cleanser that'll wash away dirt, excess oil, and any leftover makeup, without stripping healthy moisture from your face. It’s fragrance-free and has hyaluronic acid and niacinamide that’ll keep your skin majorly moisturized and irritation at bay.

    Bianca's hand holding up a bottle of the CeraVe cleanser against a plain wall

    You with your new holy grail item:

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