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    If You Couldn’t Get Taylor Swift Tickets, Here Are 22 Other Great Gifts For Valentine’s Day

    These gifts will still make the whole place ~shimmer~.

    1. A colour-changing mug that'll give their daily cuppa a festive upgrade. It's covered in tea-related conversation hearts that'll appear when they fill it with hot liquid and disappear once they start sippin'.

    2. A Taylor Swift-inspired bracelet so they can subtly show off their love for Tay every day. Each bead corresponds to a different album (or era, as the kids say) from Taylor's career, so they can rep their favourite artist if official merch isn't their jam.

    a person holding the bracelet in their hand

    3. A copy of We Heart Harry because they may love you, but you both know they'll always love Harry a little bit more. It's filled with collage-style pages, fun facts, and trivia about the multi-talented superstar that they'll adore flipping through.

    the cover of we heart harry

    4. A Roots co-ord sweat set to keep them cozy and warm when you can't be there to cuddle them. It's made of an ultra-soft fleece that'll get softer with each wash, meaning it'll be even comfier when they wear it during their summer trips to the cottage.

    a person wearing the sweat suit in front of a plain background

    5. A Maison Margiela Replica Memory Box perfume set for anyone who likes to frequently switch up their fragrance. Each tiny bottle is named after a place or a memory, and the scents range from soft and subtle to strong and bold, so they can try them all out and pick the one they like the best.

    the set of maison margiela mini perfumes

    6. A plushie sushi bouquet if they would rather have a red dragon roll than a dozen red roses. The smiling salmon nigiri are so adorable, they'll want to keep them on display forever (and they totally can, since they won't wilt and die like real flowers).

    a person holding up the bouquet

    7. A pair of XO stud earrings that'll perfectly complete their lobe stack. They're perfect for anyone who loves fun earrings but doesn't like dangly baubles and as a bonus, they'll think of you every time they put them on.

    8. A guided tarot kit so they can tap into their witchy intuition and finally ask the universe their biggest questions. It includes a deck of the iconic Rider Waite Smith tarot deck and a 240-page illustrated book that'll help them make sense of all the messages the cards have for them.

    9. A Table for Two cookbook that you can use together to create delicious dinners for date night. It's packed with a ton of recipes designed to impress, all with perfect portion sizes so you won't have to mess with leftovers.

    the cookbook on a table

    10. A body pillow that'll give them cozy head-to-toe support while they lounge and snooze. It can also function as a spooning buddy (that won't hog the covers) when they get cold at night.

    a person sleeping in a bed using the pillow

    11. An Instax wide photo printer because they're constantly taking photos that'll sit in their camera roll until the end of time. They can connect it to their phone with a companion app to print out their fave snapshots and they won't have to worry about wasting film on a blurry pic like they would with a instant camera.

    Bianca holding the photo printer above a few photo's she has printed

    12. A reading journal that'll be their new favourite addition to their home library. They'll be able to record all of the novels they finish and the stories they want to read in the future, and it's even got activities and a recommended reading checklist, so they'll never run out of books to read.

    the front cover of the reading journal

    13. A Cricut Maker 3 to help them bring all of their crafting dreams to life. It can cut up to 300 different materials with more speed and force than the Joy and Explore machines, meaning it can handle snipping thicker mediums (like leather) and can even engrave metal.

    the machine on a rug with rolls of vinyl beside it

    14. A Grecian bust pot that'll make their plant babies look like they belong in a fine art museum. Since it's made of durable cement, they can even use it to display their outdoor greens in the spring and summer.

    the two different sizes bust pots on a table in front of a botanical wallpaper

    15. A Lovebox Messenger that'll encourage you to send them old-fashioned love letters with a modern twist. It comes with access to an app that you can send photos and sweet lil' messages through — the heart on the front will spin when there's new mail and they'll be able to view it on the screen inside.

    the messenger box open with a photo on the screen inside

    16. A comfy waffle robe that'll give them total hotel/spa vibes whenever they wear it. The lightweight and breathable material is perfect to wrap themselves in while they drink their morning java or after a relaxing bath.

    bianca wearing the robe while smiling into the camera

    17. A Tile Mate Bluetooth tracking kit that'll assist them in finding whatever they lose the most. The trackers connect to a free app that'll help them find their lost items, even if their Bluetooth is out of reach.

    A Tile mate tracker on a keychain with keys, a remote, and in a wallet

    18. A copy of Our Book of Awesome that's filled with reminders of how tiny things (like the smell of bakeries and the excitement of snow days) can make every day fun. It'll encourage them to realize that life isn't just about big moments, but the perfect small ones, too.

    a bunch of the books in a pile

    19. A pair of Sony noise-cancelling wireless headphones so they can listen to their favourite album without any interruptions. They can also control them with Alexa and use them for hands-free calling.

    a photo of Melina wearing the headphones outside

    20. An adorable heart-shaped champagne flute so y'all can toast to your love in style. The rosy-hued glass has a sturdy shorter stem, so it'll be a bit harder for your clumsy Valentine to tip over.

    21. A huggable sloth heating and cooling pad that'll come to the rescue for all of their aches and pains. It can be microwaved or popped in the freezer to soothe everything from monthly cramps to a sprained ankle (and it's way cuter and easier to cuddle than a regular heating pad or hot water bottle).

    a person sitting in their bed with the pad on their shoulder

    22. And finally, a vinyl copy of Midnights because it'll be the next best thing to actually seeing Taylor live. It's an instant classic, and now they'll be able to scream along to Anti-Hero while the dreamy swirled vinyl spins on their record player.

    Bianca holding the vinyl cover while the disc is on her turntable

    Them opening up their gift on Valentine's Day:

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