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    22 Straight-Up Marvelous Things I Would Gift Myself (And Probably Will)

    Because gifts for yourself are always the best.

    1. A plush robe that'll feel like a big, warm hug whenever you wear it. It has pockets, so you can keep your lip balm and phone within reach as you lounge (and you can even take the belt off and wear it as a cozy cardigan).

    a person wearing the robe in front of a plain background

    2. A mini vegan leather colour-block tote to keep all of your essentials in while you whiz around town. It can be carried as a handbag or worn as a crossbody, thanks to the adjustable strap.

    a person holding the bag in front of them

    3. An Instax wide photo printer for anyone who loves the idea of an instant camera, but hates gambling on how the pics will turn out. You can connect it to your phone and print out your fave snapshots from your camera roll, so you'll know exactly what they look like before they develop.

    the printer connected to a phone printing a photo on the ground surrounded by fall decor

    4. A petite bumblebee signet ring that'll add some fun flair to your phalanges. It's made of gold vermeil, meaning it won't tarnish or turn your finger green, so you can safely add it to your everyday stack.

    the bee ring on a person's finger

    5. A set of Makeup Erasers to help you take your face off at the end of each day. Simply wet the super-soft cloths (no cleanser needed) and watch your makeup melt away with some gentle scrubbing.

    different mini makeup erasers and a bag against a plain background

    6. A copy of Harry Styles And The Clothes He Wears that any super-fan of the British singer/songwriter/model/actor/angel will adore. Each page beautifully breaks down his most iconic ~lewks~ piece by piece.

    the front cover of the book in front of a plain background

    7. And a Harry-inspired art print because it's been months and you still can't get As It Was out of your head. It features artwork with a subtle nod to the lyrics (and looks cute to boot).

    the print in a frame leaning against a wall beside a lamp and a plant

    8. A pair of teddy mittens that'll look oh-so-cute in your annual holiday market pics. They have a plush and soft micro-fleece lining to keep your paws at a pleasant temperature, too.

    a person wearing the mittens

    9. A glass mushroom teacup so you can sip your favourite blend in a fun(gi) receptacle. It comes with a glass infuser, so you can steep loose leaf teas right in the cup sans bag.

    10. An embroidered Baggu fanny pack that'll totally go with your cottagecore-meets-athleisure aesthetic. It has two different compartments with plenty of room for everything you refuse to leave at home, so you can stay hands-free while you're out and about.

    the fanny pack on a plain backround

    11. A set of Sephora Collection mini skincare products that'll cleanse, tone, and moisturize your visage. Thanks to the cosmetic bag they come in, they'll be great for keeping up with your skincare routine when you're on the go (or during any upcoming holiday travels).

    12. A set of rainbow wine glasses if you want to add a fun pop of colour to your bar cart (you probably need to replace your set, anyways). Since each glass is a different hue, you won't mix up your drink with your bestie's at your next wine and charcuterie night.

    the wine glasses on a table next to a cheese platter

    13. A vinyl copy of Midnights for anyone who can't get enough of Taylor Swift's new album. It's an instant classic, and now you'll be able to scream along to Anti-Hero while the dreamy blue vinyl spins on your record player.

    the front cover of the vinyl with the coloured disc popping through

    14. And a mini wireless speaker that looks like a turntable. You can use it to play whatever you're streaming at a louder volume than your phone can go, and its petite size means it'll be easy to throw in your bag and bring along to the party.

    the tiny turntable next to a big turntable and a phone on a table

    15. A pair of UGG slides to keep your tootsies warm while lookin' fly all winter long. The ankle strap will keep your feet secure and the soles are made of a sturdy rubber, so you won't slip and slide on tile or wood floors.

    a person wearing the slides with socks outside

    16. A pair of mini Charlotte Tilbury highlighter wands that have been beauty routine staples of many influencers this year. It includes a highlight and a blush, so you can top your cheeks with a shimmery glow that'll last from dusk 'til dawn.

    the two tubes of highlight against a dark backdrop surrounded by ribbon

    17. A Bluetooth karaoke microphone that'll have you performing world tours from your living room. It’s wireless, so you can bring it to parties — or take it along on road trips for your own personal carpool karaoke.

    the microphone in front of a plain background

    18. A disco ball bottle opener to crack the lid off that bevvie you could have sworn was a screw top. It'll look so pretty on your counter, you won't want to shove it into a drawer after you use it.

    a person opening a bottle with the disco ball opener

    19. A selenite crystal lamp that'll add a little bit of ambient lighting to your living space. It comes with a dimmer switch, so you can set the brightness from low glow to bright illumination.

    the lamp on a table in front of a tapestry

    20. A Cocokind Mymatcha All-Over Moisture Stick that's loaded with organic matcha powder, coconut oil, and beeswax to nourish dry skin. It can even be used as a remedy for dark circles (or as a lip balm).

    a person using the moisture stick on their face

    21. A wearable blanket hoodie for anybody who hates getting tangled in quilts 'n' throws during movie nights. It's lined with a snuggle-inducing sherpa material and, since your legs will be free as a bird, you won't overheat.

    A person wearing the hoodie blanket on a couch

    22. And finally, a six-foot long light-up charging cable that'll glow when your phone is plugged in. Now you won't have to fumble in the dark to find your charger (or your phone) at night.

    the light up phone charging cable

    Me pretending to be shocked as I open all of the gifts I bought myself:

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