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    24 Mega-Cool Gifts For All Of The Kids On Your Shopping List

    From toddlers to tweens, these picks will make you the coolest gift giver they know.

    1. A brunch play set so even the youngest foodie can get creative in the kitchen. It comes with everything they'll need to make an epic brunch spread, including bacon, fried eggs, and, of course, some avocado toast.

    the play set spread out on the ground

    2. A heart-shaped mirror for the pre-teen who's just starting to get into skincare and makeup. It'll light up to give them a better look at their visage, and the tray base will be great for their hair accessories or other bits and bobs.

    the heart shaped makeup mirror on a bathroom counter surrounded by beauty products

    3. And a set of mermaid makeup brushes they can use to make all of their wildest makeup ideas come to life. The set comes with every tool they'll need to apply and blend face products and shadows to perfection.

    the mermaid makeup brushes and the box against a plain background

    4. A mini scooter for the little kiddo that's always on the move. It's got light-up wheels that'll illuminate and twinkle while they're zipping around, and since it has three wheels, it'll be easier for kids to get the hang of.

    a kid using the scooter outside

    5. A TikTok-famous sliding puzzle game that'll give their brain a serious workout. The goal is to get the big red square to the designated spot at the bottom by sliding all of the pieces around. And the pieces are magnetic, so they won't fly all over the place if the game gets heated.

    A child playing with the sliding puzzle game

    6. A LEGO Mars spacecraft set for the kid who spends all day dreaming about space exploration. Instead of a boring instruction book, they'll be able to follow along with instructional videos for more of an interactive experience.

    a child playing with the finished spacecraft

    7. A copy of Love Ya, Olivia any pint-sized fan of the reigning pop princess will adore. It's filled with factoids and collage-style photos of the singer-songwriter that they'll want to show all of their friends, which will be "Good 4 U".

    the front of the book against a plain background

    8. A roll of LED strip lights that'll fill their room with a multi-coloured glow that they can switch up to match whatever the vibe of the day is. They can even make and save their own custom colours with the included remote.

    The outside of Bianca's closet which is glowing from the LED lights inside

    9. A selfie smartphone toy for the toddler who is always asking to look at yours. They'll be able to see themselves in the mirrored surface and press the buttons to give their "selfie" fun light-up filters.

    two toddlers playing with their own play phone

    10. A sachet of flamingo hot chocolate to pop in their stocking that'll warm them from the inside out. The white drink mix will turn bubblegum pink when it's mixed with milk or water, transforming it into the most aesthetically-pleasing cup of cocoa ever.

    two glass mugs of the cocoa on a table surrounded by mini marshmallows

    11. A copy of Wreck This Journal that'll encourage them go against their instincts and crack the spine, bend the pages, and totally destroy a book. It's filled with fun activities and prompts that'll encourage them to explore their own artistic boundaries.

    The front cover of the book

    12. A candy vending machine they'll get to assemble themselves. It comes with a book that'll teach them all about the mechanics of the machine, plus basic money math, so they'll learn as they play.

    A closeup of the vending machine with candy in the dispenser

    13. A Kindle Paperwhite for the kiddo who loves to spend afternoons with their nose in a book. It has an anti-glare screen so for reading in the sun, and an adjustable back light that'll let them turn virtual pages until the wee hours of the morning without straining their eyes.

    Bianca holding up a Kindle in front of a chair

    14. A giant Jenga set that'll make their favourite strategy game feel larger than life. The tower can be stacked over five feet tall and it comes with a sturdy carrying bag for easy storage.

    a person playing the game with a tower that is taller than them

    15. A paint-by-sticker book that'll be just as satisfying as a paint-by-numbers project, but won't create a huge mess to clean up. They can peel and stick the colourful shapes onto the corresponding numbered spots to reveal geometric interpretations of all their fave animals.

    the front cover of the book

    16. A copy of the bestselling Heartstopper graphic novel for the tween who spent most of 2022 talking about the equally-popular Netflix series. The story revolves around Nick and Charlie, two British teens who meet at school and form an unlikely and lasting bond.

    a photo of Bianca reading the graphic novel in bed surrounded by the other volumes

    17. A Bluetooth karaoke microphone that'll have them performing sold-out world tours from their bedroom. It’s wireless, so they can bring it to a friend's house — or take it along on road trips for their own personal carpool karaoke (their parents will love it).

    the microphone in front of a plain background

    18. A wearable blanket hoodie for little ones who love to snuggle but hate getting tangled in quilts 'n' throws. It's lined with an ultra-soft sherpa material and it has a cozy hood with cute lil' ears.

    a kid wearing the blanket sweater

    19. A pair of Vans high top sneakers for the kid who's also the biggest sneakerhead you know. The vintage-inspired colourful design is totally on-trend, so they'll look just as cool on the playground as they do at the skate park.

    the sneakers leaning against a block on a plain background

    20. A light-up DIY terrarium kit for science-loving minis that are curious about the environment. They'll get to create their own lil' ecosystem that they can watch grow every day (and the light in the lid can even act as a nightlight).

    the light up terrarium in the dark on a bedside table

    21. A trio of water colouring books for the budding artiste on your list. Water in the pen will reveal colourful portraits on the pages, and once they dry up, they can be used again and again (bonus: you won't have to worry about them decorating the house with markers).

    22. A sherpa crossbody bag they can use for toting all of their essentials. It'll have just enough space for their devices and their allowance money, so they won't have to ask their grown-up to carry their things anymore.

    a person wearing the crossbody pouch in front of a plain background

    23. A pack of sticky Nee-Doh balls for anyone who is obsessed with fidget toys. They'll be able to squish them down, pull them apart, and stick them back together for hours of satisfying fun.

    a person's hand holding a bunch of the fidget balls

    24. And finally, a mini projector so they can watch their favourite flicks on a screen bigger than their tablet. It'll connect to their device via Bluetooth, so they can stream right onto their bedroom wall without any complicated hookups.

    The mini projector on a table

    Them opening up their awesome gift:

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