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Hey Students, Want To Be Good At Saving Money? This Is How You Do It


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Always use coupons!


One of the best ways of saving money is buying a newspaper or simply going to Here are some amazing apps that will save you money like Dealsplus, RetailMeNot, Coupons, Groupons, and Krazy Coupon Lady.



Budgeting money can be difficult. We all want to shop until we drop. If you struggle with budgeting your money, buy a Visa card and put a certain amount of money on the card. This method will allow you to keep track of how much money you are spending. You also can split your allowance in half if you wanted to. Put half of the money on your card and half of it tucked away. You should always have cash on you. Always. Give youself a reasonable allowance every week.


Most high school and college students work a part-time job. If your getting paid 8-10 dollars an hour, and you are working four or five hours a week, you should try to at least save half of the money you are earning. Some part-time jobs may pay a little bit more money. For example, if your working five hours a week and you are getting paid 10 dollars an hour, it is possible to be saving seventy dollars a week. Imagine if you saved seventy dollars a week for a year. You would be saving 3,600 dollars. It may not look like a lot but in order to save money, you have to start somwhere.

Buy What is on Sale


If you want to save money, buy what is on sale. You will save a lot more money than buying a product that is five dollars more! This also goes for your favorite stores with online flash sales! But just be careful and don't break the bank!

Don't Window Shop!


Don't leave your house only hoping to just window shop and not expect yourself to get anything. You know yourself. You know you will come home if not with one bag than more. Don't window shop. Stay in the house and binge watch Netflix if you have to!

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