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10 Things About You That Your BFF Can't Stand

It can be hard to have a best friend because there are all these subtle rules and regulations that govern a BFF relationship. But it's much harder to be a girl's best friend, or possibly even YOUR best friend. You're the worst! Read on to learn some of the annoying stuff you do that your bestie is obligated to deal with, and for bonus points check out "BFFs" when it premieres on NBC. (Sponsored by Best Friends Forever, premiering Wednesday at 8:30/7:30 on NBC)

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1. You Always Make Her Drive And Never Pay For Gas

Chev Wilkinson / Getty Images

Most of the time your BFF is more than happy to drive you where you want to go, but you never reimburse her for gas. And it really doesn't help that you're spending the money you owe her on designer shoes to reward yourself for getting an interview.

2. You Talk To Your Boyfriend In A Baby Voice

Dusica Paripovic / Getty Images

Your bestie understands you love your boyfriend. But she spends a lot of her time wondering how much he actually loves you, considering you talk to him in a voice that's usually reserved for toddlers who just started walking.

3. Your Grammar Is Terrible

Brett Jordan / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: x1brett

You have never in the history of your life used these words correctly. But you somehow got a job before your best friend did, and that drives her nuts. She's making coffee and delivering mail to gynecologists while you're at your dream office, with a real email address and a chair that's yours and health insurance... even though you can't understand these three five-letter words.

4. You Take Her Clothes And Treat Them Poorly

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It's common law for best friends to share clothes! But your pal really doesn't appreciate when she lends you a shirt for work one day and doesn't see it again until the leaves on the trees have fallen off.

5. You Won't Shut Up About Pinterest

Hans Neleman / Getty Images

Guess what? Not everyone likes looking at pictures of crown molding and wedding dresses all day. We get it, you're excited about this new social network, and that's great, but she's still busy sorting through all the other invites you've sent her in the last three weeks.

6. You Make Her Help You Take A Pregnancy Test

Johannes Jander / CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Flickr: isnow

Women usually know when it's a good idea for them to take a pregnancy test, and it's something they're supposed to do privately. So your BFF doesn't understand why you insist she has to physically be there with you while you do it. She's pretty sure there's at least one other person you can reach out to.

7. You Tag Horrible Pictures Of Her On Facebook

theSuperStar / CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Flickr: thesuperstar

Hey, remember that time your best friend got super wasted and did body shots off some fat guy at the local dive? She certainly doesn't. But, fortunately for her, that precious memory will be on Facebook forever, just because you thought you looked really hot in that pic.

8. You're Always Losing Your Crap

Steve Jurvetson / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: jurvetson

Every time you go out, you lose something. And it's never a button or a pack of gum. You lose majorly important items, like your cell phone or your birth control. You actually can wreck an evening when you realize you've lost something, because you can get so mean. Sometimes we all think about only giving you Velcro for your birthday.

9. Your Brother

Andreas Kontokanis / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: karpidis

Your brother wants to bang everyone. But when your BFF is around, she becomes an easy target. And frankly, she likes the attention, so she'll throw some harmless flirting his way, or RSVP to his "Death By Metal" Facebook events with "Maybe."

10. You Make A Mess

As we see in this new promo from "BFFs," she can make it really hard for you to enjoy her company. But alas, you cannot control the way another person behaves.

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