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15 Haircuts That Will Take Your Thirst To A New Level

These iconic cuts are a trap — a #thirsttrap! Stay fly with these essential looks, brought to you by the stylish grooming experts over at Bevel.

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1. Half-moon Part

AKA the Illmatic, the half-moon part was popularized by rapper Nas in the '90s. Technically speaking, it's just a high-bald fade with a half-moon part. It's superbly popular and is a good look that carries years of tradition.

2. Freestyle Design

Become a walking work of art by allowing a talented barber to create a magical scene on your blank canvas. Complement a flashy design with a classic style (like the flattop pictured here) to create a cool blend of old and new.

4. 360 Waves

Classic waves, while requiring a good amount of maintenance, are an age-old style that everyone looks good in. Just make sure to keep your hair trimmed to a #2, and you'll be good to go.

5. The Afro

A sign of strength and rebellion in civil rights-era America, the afro was and still is a socially charged statement. Say it loud by using a blow dryer to maximize volume and clippers or shears to get an even shape all around the head.

6. Side Part

Introduce a little bit of character to your favorite fade or taper by adding a side part. Alter the angle for a more dramatic look or keep it simple by following the imaginary line from your pupil to your eyebrow arch and then into your hairline.

10. Hawkout

Half mohawk and half cutout, the hawkout is a new style that takes the part to new heights by extending it from the front hairline to the back, leaving room to add your own personality with a design of your choosing.

11. Dark Caesar

Caesars can be dark or light (lots of texture or just a little) depending on how short you get it cut. Typically ranging from a #1–4, this cut is even all around and finished with an ultra-sharp line.

12. Comb-over Fade

First seen in the '50s, this style uses your natural hair texture to show more style. Add a part and use pomade or gel to sweep hair up. You can wear this style either long or short.

14. South of France

Brainchild of Usher's barber Curtis Smith (of Xotics), the South of France blends elements from the mohawk, burst fade, and taper and is sometimes referred to as the "4-Dimensional Fade."

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