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    The Definitive Ranking Of "Lost"'s Most Iconic Moments

    "We have to go back!"

    Lost aired on ABC between 2004 and 2010, and is considered by many to be the greatest television series of all time.

    Ready for a walk down memory lane that includes hatches and flash sideways?

    16. Boone's death

    15. Hurley finds out that Ethan wasn't on the plane

    14. The island disappears

    13. Sawyer telling Jack he met his father

    12. Meeting Desmond with "Make Your Own Kind Of Music"

    11. Juliet hitting the nuke

    10. Jack and Vincent

    9. Hurley's Volkswagen bus

    8. Discovery of the hatch

    7. Mr. Eko meets the black smoke monster

    6. Jin and Sun death

    5. The Others take Walt from Michael

    4. The big Locke reveal in Walkabout

    3. "We have to go back"

    2. The Desmond-and-Penny phone call

    1. And finally, Not Penny's Boat

    So, what are your thoughts? You can't change my mind... but you can share your own ranking below!