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9 Ways To Work Out That Don’t Involve Going To The Gym

Getting active doesn't have to be all about monthly subscriptions and locker rooms!

We all want to stay fit and active, but going to the gym just isn't up everyone's street. Here are some other great ways to get a workout that are fun and super easy to do!

1. Did you know that just one minute of brisk walking counts as exercise?! Yep, simply speeding up your pace is enough to get the heart pumping!

a man walking down the street carrying a baby with a toddler in a stroller

2. It may not be the first thing that springs to your mind when you think of fitness, but anyone who's tried gardening before knows it's a workout.

a woman crouching down and holding a plant in a garden

3. Skipping is fantastic cardio and there are loads of fun routines trending right now that you can challenge yourself with!

a woman skipping outdoors

4. Yoga is the perfect way to calm your mind and refocus your energy, and you'll also find your core muscles building strength.

woman doing yoga in her house

5. Dancing around the living room isn't just a fun way to pass the time when you're at home — it's a great way to stay fit!

a man and a woman dancing in their house

6. Running isn't just reserved for the athletes of the world; it's a workout that's good for the body, heart, and mind!

two women running on a road

7. Trim trails, aka outdoor gyms, give you all the benefits of exercise equipment without any of the hassle going to the gym can bring.

a woman dangling from some bars in a park

8. Life is busy, but getting fit doesn't have to take a huge chunk out of your day. That's where our 10-minute workouts come in.

a woman stretching over her head in her living room

9. Forget gym equipment. Swimming is a stress-free way to kick-start your fitness. Moving your body against the resistance of the water will have you building up your muscle strength in no time.

Want more inspiration? Check out the NHS Better Health Get Active page for more ways to help you get fit for free!