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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Meals Healthier

Healthier eating doesn't have to have to be complicated!

Building healthy eating habits doesn't have to be hard. Here are some totally fuss-free tips to help make mealtimes healthier!

1. When it comes to your favourite recipes, try swapping one or two ingredients for a healthier alternative.

woman stirring cooking pot

2. Find out what's actually inside the drinks, meals, and snacks you're eating, and how that compares to the recommended guidelines.

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3. Make sure you get your 5 a day by simply adding in an extra piece of fruit and veg to each meal.

woman chopping a banana into her cereal

4. Be mindful when it comes to portions and serving sizes.

man feeding his son

5. Banish mealtime indecisiveness by planning ahead and getting inspo using the Easy Meals app.

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Want more inspiration? Check out the NHS Better Health page for more simple and delicious ways to start developing healthier eating habits!