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    27 Of The Weirdest Bathroom Products You've Ever Seen

    Must-have bath decor inspired by animals and murder.

    1. A memory foam bath mat that reimagines the Titanic iceberg as a giant water sloth.

    2. A soap dispenser you can't get anything past.

    3. This tabby cat tissue holder.

    4. A pack of eight multi-culti dismembered hand soaps.

    5. A bath mat that I'm sure looks unremarkably familiar to a lot of ladies out there.

    6. A Grim Reaper who's pretty upset that his toilet paper has not yet brought you swift death.

    7. The answer to whoever was like, "A cup is nice but I'm looking for something more dismembered-y to hold our toothbrushes."

    8. This trippy Kraken nightmare print.

    9. Self-affirmation shower art.

    10. This anthropomorphic moose-taking-a-shit toothbrush holder.

    11. A log cover that makes you fight a tiny orange squirrel for tissue.

    12. A gun toilet brush that goes with everything.

    13. shotgun shell shower curtain hooks.

    14. Oh and these murdery rodent nightlights.

    15. A soap dispenser from vacation bible school.

    16. A shower curtain honoring great Americat pawsidents that dedicated their lives to our fur-eedom.

    17. A plush octopus that holds your tissues in its mouth beak.

    18. A shower curtain covered in boooobs.

    19. A drain stop with very selective tastes.

    20. Something called "family cloth," which is a series of washable, reusable fabric sheets buttoned together into a toilet paper roll, so do with that what you will.

    21. Shower squids that clutch your soaps and shave gels in their grippy tentacles.

    22. A motivational bath mat.

    23. An elegant swan-retching-water faucet.

    24. A Guy Fieri-themed toilet seat cover.

    25. Grapefruit-scented soaps shaped like human tongues.

    26. A shower curtain with "carpe diem" translated into millennial.

    27. And bath bombs for people who like to kick back after a long week with a glass of wine and a severed foot that explodes in their bath water.