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    All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

    Deals on Scrub Daddies, penguin corkscrews, makeup brushes, and more!

    1. 67% off this pre-assembled, height-adjustable standing desk.

    2. 52% off this smooth-edge safety can opener.

    3. 29% off this 1560-watt BlendTec Certified Refurbished tabletop blender.

    4. 44% off this adorable penguin corkscrew.

    5. 38% off a four-pack of Scrub Daddy scouring sponges.

    6. 18% off a stainless-steel spoon and lid rest.

    7. 24% off a handsome canvas and leather dopp kit.

    8. 74% off a queen-size luxury fleece blanket.

    9. 74% off these breathable drying stands for blender sponges.

    10. 65% off a 9-piece bamboo makeup brush set and metallic travel bag.

    11. 33% off a 12-pack of trimino protein-infused water.

    12. 84% off this stainless-steel, bladed dry ingredients blender.

    13. 38% off this PurePulse pain-relieving muscle stimulator.

    14. 34% off this long-arm smartphone car mount.

    15. And 15% off a three-bag laundry sorter.