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    Posted on Jul 14, 2017

    DIY Table Setting Placemats

    So easy and so educational!

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    DIY Table Setting Placemats


    Makes: 1

    Card stock paper









    Glue stick

    Permanent marker

    Contact paper

    Stickers (optional)

    Photos (optional)


    # Using a pencil, trace the outline of a plate, spoon, knife, fork, napkin, and the bottom of a cup on card stock paper.

    # Cut out each outline with a pair of scissors.

    # Glue and arrange cutouts on an 11x17-inch piece of card stock. Place the plate cutout in the middle of the card stock paper. Place the knife and spoon cutouts to the right of the plate and the fork and napkin cutouts to the left of the plate. Place the cup cutout in the upper right hand corner.

    # Label each item using a marker.

    # Decorate the placemat to your liking with stickers and/or photographs.

    # Roll out the contact paper and cut it to a size slightly larger than your placemat.

    # Peel off the backing and lie the contact paper on a surface sticky side up.

    # Press the placemat face down onto the contact paper using your hands or a ruler.

    # Repeat same process for the other side of the placemat with a second piece of contact paper.

    # Trim the edges of the contact paper.

    # Voilà!

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