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    Here's How To Negotiate For A Used Car Like A Boss

    The struggle for your next ride doesn't have to be so real.

    1. To save some money, get a car that's two or more years old.

    2. Find out the true value of a car by using sites like Kelley Blue Book and eBay/Craigslist.

    3. Get price quotes from multiple dealers online before you go in to buy.

    4. Roll into a dealership on a Wednesday or Thursday near the end of the month.

    5. Want to save even more? Go car shopping in September.

    6. See if a car company is offering bonus perks like cash back or special financing online.

    7. For financing options, go to your bank first and compare with the dealer.

    8. Research the dealership you're going to before you make the trip there.

    9. Bring a wingman or wingwoman with you when you go to the dealership.

    10. Be aware of how dealers use a "four-square" worksheet and save yourself money.

    11. Consider selling your car by yourself versus trading it in.

    12. When you start negotiating with a salesperson, give your target price and say you'll pay it if it can be hit.

    13. Always negotiate in terms of a car's total price, not monthly payments.

    14. Never raise your bid for your used car by more than $200 increments.

    15. Bring your numbers with you to back you up during intense negotiations.

    16. Get a low cost vehicle history report with AutoCheck or VinAudit.

    17. Beware of extras and add-ons when buying your used car.

    18. Ask a lot of questions about the car during negotiations with a dealer or private seller.

    19. Consider saving money by purchasing a third-party warranty.

    20. Be ready to walk at any time, and do it with class if you have to.

    21. Always be polite during negotiations.