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    I Found Links To All Your Favorite Old Disney Channel Games So You Don't Have To

    Because no one's living their best life without Bueno Rufus.

    Listen up, folks! We all remember the Disney Channel Golden Years, right? When the setup looked something like this?

    And nothing was better on a Friday night than kicking back to this sick DCOM sequence?

    These Golden Years are fully indebted to the 00s. Let's be real, 2010 was the absolute cutoff for quality Disney Channel content.

    But luckily, the fun didn't stop at your TV. It also carried over to, where you could watch clips from your favorite shows, take character match quizzes and most importantly, PLAY GAMES.

    Who among us young millennials DIDN'T while away an afternoon or two running amok in the Tipton Hotel? Or shooting Eddie's multi-colored basketballs?? Or helping Rufus snowboard down a mountain infested with mutant creatures??? Stand up and be counted, friends.

    Tragically, the current website archives precious few of our favorite Golden games. And they're not easy to find. But after hearing rumors about the new That's So Raven spin-off, I had vague, nagging recollections of that old basketball game I devoted hours to. I wanted to play it again. I had to find it.

    And after a few minutes of some clever Googling, I did. And its official name is Eddie's Shot Clock Showdown, for those desperate to know. But why stop there?! Several hours, a healthy dose of nostalgia and one spreadsheet later, I've compiled this ultimate guide to the Best of the Best. So set aside your textbooks and pause that Netflix binge, because it's about to get VERY 2006 up in here.

    That's So Raven

    (I searched for longer than I care to admit for a working version of That's So Raven Pinball. I had to hang my head and admit defeat. Someone, please find it. PLEASE.)

    Cory's Money Maze

    Eddie’s Match ‘em All Basketball

    Eddie’s Shot Clock Showdown

    Kim Possible

    (No one devoted as much time to game development as those assigned to Kim Possible. Did we need a digital KP-themed War card game? No. Do we thank you for it? Always.)

    Rufus Snow Ride*

    Bueno Rufus

    A Sitch in Time*

    A Sitch in Time 2 - Past

    Shopping Avenger*

    Rufus Recall

    Super Villain Face Off

    Ron's Free Fall

    Card Clash

    GWA Wrestling Wriot*

    Super Villain Smash Out*

    Mad Dog Squad*

    Hannah Montana

    (The 'others' links to a page full of Hannah Montana games, though I'm not sure they all originated from American Disney. Check 'em out at your own risk.)

    Rock Star Fashion Challenge

    Miley’s Malibu Manicure*


    Lilo & Stitch: The Series

    (Ditto for the 'others' of Lilo & Stitch.)

    Stitch Tiki Bowl

    625 Sandwich Stacker


    Lizzie McGuire

    Outfit Design

    Turbo Racer

    *Denotes a game that's still archived on the current Disney website, for whatever reason. They start with a white screen and take a few minutes to load.

    Comment below if you're sitting pretty on any other links that I missed. SHARE WITH THE CLASS and happy gaming!