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Internet Marketing: What It Is, History, Evolution And What Are The Advantages?

nternet marketing or online marketing. Undoubtedly a topic that is very fashionable, but what is it and what is it really? How has your evolution been and what are the advantages it offers for both large, small, old or new businesses, how profitable is it and the type of investment required?

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Let's take a look at this topic of online marketing and see how effective it is to use the Internet to promote a business. The interesting thing about this activity is that it involves a whole process in which blogs or websites, social networks, paid ads on previous sites and the same search engines can be involved (so it can include both SEO and SEM ). We will see what these terms imply as their advantages.

What is Internet Marketing (Onlinne Marketing)?

Internet marketing consists of applying in the online world traditional marketing strategies, but adapted to the environment of the Internet. Strategies are modified and combined with others that are directly the result of the evolution of the ways of doing business on the Internet. One of its advantages is that it allows to establish new forms of contact with the current clients or the potential clients or target market. We can cite advantages such as: Presence of company, Knowledge, Interaction, Attract and retain through SEO and SEM, Evaluation, Constant analysis, Branding, Omnipresence, Capital investment saving and measurement of results in time real. According to a publication of Wikipedia : Internet marketing is the study of the techniques of using the Internet to promote and sell products and services. These strategies and tactics are embodied within an online marketing plan that include pay-per-click advertising, web page advertisements, bulk mailing, search engine marketing (including search engine optimization), the use of Social Media Marketing or social networks and the marketing of blogs or blogs. internet marketing company originated in the early 1990s in the form of simple web pages, containing only text and offering product information. In the late 1990s, so-called "webmercials" (by the combination of the terms "commercial" and "web") emerged in the United States. The new way of advertising emerged from the need for large newspapers to compete effectively with growing digital media. The most recent step in this evolution was the creation of complete businesses operating from the Internet to promote and sell their products and services.

The Evolution of Internet Marketing: Its History

It is also known as "digital marketing", evolved (of course) traditional marketing, those ways in which a product was promoted, offered and motivated people to know and interested in making the purchase. On the Internet the ways of advertising had to adapt to this new environment.

In a summary way (which is not more than that), thanks to the fact that the scenario on the Internet is totally different, the strategies are in accordance with their demands that are far from the physical world. For example; On the Internet makes customers more and more interested in knowing, and in establishing communications with brands.

The same evolution of the Internet produced the evolution of marketing, it was at that precise moment that companies realized the need to adapt and change, if they really wanted to succeed, otherwise they would be left behind. If society and its forms of interactions change, the way to market products and services has to change as well.

In this new scenario it is necessary to emphasize the great importance of the social networks, these were the ideal push. When the first social networks appeared, the world was amazed to see how we could share experiences, images videos with friends and relatives or strangers anywhere in the world that had an Internet connection.

In short, the emergence and success of social networks had a lot to do with the evolution of online marketing. The companies saw their advantages: the opportunity to sell, inform themselves, establish communicative relations, interact directly and study trends, tastes and needs of the public that makes use of these means of social interaction. The evolution of the Internet, but accompanied by the rise of social networks and their users, companies' knowledge of the competitive advantages of these changes, that is what gave rise to online marketing as we know it today , But also accompanied by other terms such as: digital, electronic and even virtual.

What are the Advantages of Internet Marketing?


What are the Advantages of Internet Marketing?

By making use of the Internet to promote products and services or to publicize a brand we have great advantages. This implies a very different way for companies and entrepreneurs to make marketing that reduces the limitations and constitutes the following advantages:

1- saving time and capital

no doubt that the grades advantages and is very interesting, the truth is That through online marketing strategies we can save investment costs when, for example, we have little budget or when we do not have it. There will always be free options for blogging platforms, websites and social networks to promote a business, brands, products or services.

2- Increased presence of the company

's use of the Internet for marketing activities is critical as it allows us to reach all audiences, in other words people and different markets. It is a whole world of possibilities in which you can create your own strategies to reach the different niches that you have at your disposal.

3- Attracting and retaining more customers

in online marketing have this possibility through strategies of SEO and SEM . The first refers to the optimization of a website to achieve good positioning in search results and the second to paid advertising such as the one we pay on Google through AdWords. Both strategies allow a good online presence and therefore information to our customers or target audience.

4- interaction with prospects and clients

digital marketing allows us as a company to interact with customers. No matter where they are, or the time of day, we can always let them know that we are there. That is why content creation and periodic updates are so important, that depends on a customer knowing that as a company we are always there, we are always changing, improving, everything and for them.

5- Create image, branding

Creating image and brand as such is achieved when we can deliver a message and a recognition by customers. To create a brand on the network is necessary not only to use a name and a logo, it is important to connect with the public, with customers. As they recognize us and care about us, we can then consider that our strategies are gaining strength and having expected results.

6- Knowledge of needs and trends

We talked about the kind of knowledge that gives us all the information available on the Internet. For example; Social networks offer us knowledge about our audiences, their changes of habits, tastes among many other things that are necessary for us and our business. In addition, through interaction with customers and the general public, information is obtained that is vital for any online marketing strategy.

7- Monitoring of assessment of each strategy

Many people do not believe it but it is possible to track and evaluate all strategies we do. In this way we can know for sure when something we plan and execute does not work, and we can also define the way in which it is possible to correct it to make it functional.

These analyzes can be done with respect to the strategies, they offer an accurate and accurate measurement of what we have done or have planned, many tools found on the web that offer us this type of statistical analysis and measurement actions ideal to quantify our strategies And determine their impact.

With all the above mentioned about internet marketing, we all have the opportunity to create a successful online business if we know how to take advantage of the online world. For example; is impressive rise of Internet shopping . In the link I mean an article that speaks of this boom in Spain, but all studies indicate the great truth of this trend which is worldwide.

At the end of this publication I want to supplement it with two articles: one on the evolution of marketing traditional where we talk about its history until today and another directly about online marketing and how to do it correctly. I await your comments. Success in your venture in online marketing (Internet marketing).

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