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What Is Yoga For The Tasebuds And Where Can You Do It?

Yoga and chocolate combined. Is this heaven? Oh yes, I think it is. Behold Food at Heart, Londoners, and thank us later.

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Food at Heart is teaching us how to love flavour again

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Have you lost track of your senses? Your taste buds immune to anything but heavily spiced or overdosed in garlic. London life does it to us. There is a banging restaurant or a delicious street food stall on every corner. Eating out is gospel, takeaways are life. It's difficult, when you get home after dark, to stand in front of your cooker and think of something exciting to cook from your empty fridge. It's not easy to stay away from the ready meal aisle. It's disappointing, we are disappointed in ourselves, but now we can change it. How can we get back to our roots? Let's press reset on our taste buds and learn to go back to basics.

Start a love affair with food all over again

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This amazing Joy of Chocolate class not only you how to cook sweet and savoury treat with the beloved ingredient, but you get to stuff your face with it all day. What Meredith, the mastermind at Food at Heart, intended when she started teaching, was to teach people how to appreciate flavour. By focusing on one ingredient, you get a real sense of understanding it. Dark chocolate is overlooked in many ways, but this class teaches you the fundamentals of adoring it's flavour and understand the complexities around cooking with it. Although it focuses on dark chocolate as a base flavour, the skills you learn in understanding taste, are skills you can take into the future and use with other flavours.

Learn the fundamentals of base flavour and make cooking easier.


It's time really, to get out of your comfort zone. No longer should you fear the kitchen, understand food and flavour and get on your way to creating restaurant quality dishes in your kitchen. Meredith describes her classes as yoga for the taste buds. The classes are a chilled-out and serene experience which focuses on food and flavour and their importance to well-being and happiness. It's about time you throw away the diet book you've been pretending to stick to for a month, and let you, do you. Food is there for enjoying, it is an essential fuel but it is also one of the worlds greatest pleasures. It's about time we get back to that. Don't you think?

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