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16 Tweets For People Who Hate Summer

Can we just cancel August, please?

Can't we all just agree that coat season is the best season and stop summer from happening.

Summer is only fun for people who enjoy the word and feeling "moist"

Summer's here! Dress season! Helplessness! Chafing! Ice Cream! Mortality! Tans! Shorts! Pedicures! Oppressive heat! Fun!

My most vivid memory of summer was sweating profusely until I died.

This is "I love you, but it's too hot to be touched" weather.

I don't really play competitive sports anymore, but walking in this heat is close enough.

Some animals change their fur color in winter to blend in with snow. I sweat all summer to blend in with garbage.

Mosquito bite in the palm of my hand.....💥🔥💢

I love the summer because I love how my ass and thighs form an irreparable bond with the car's scorching hot leather seat

welcome to NYC, where you're either trapped inside b/c it's too hot out or trapped inside b/c it's too cold out.

Really thought I could make it through the summer without wearing a t-shirt.

I don't understand the appeal of the beach though. Maybe for like a week? But for a whole summer?! Blech.

The mosquito subletting my apartment seems to find me delicious.

I've got that summertime sadness #sweatyboy #hawt #bae #obligatory #hashtag

Took the afternoon off to 'summer' at the beach & got bitten three times within 15 mins. Going back to my lair. #wakemeupwhenseptemberends

Summer's not for everyone. Thankfully warm-weather haters can cut through the heat with ice-cold BEST DAMN brews.

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