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15 Home Bar Essentials To Amp Up Your Pregame Game

Make your "before party" even better than the main event.

1. This bike-mounted growler (complete with leather holder) gets your brew to the pregame in style:

2. These plates that let you load up on snacks without losing a free hand:

3. These novelty cups that help you put on a good face:

4. These well-groomed glasses that identify guests' drinks:

5. These dice that take the decision-making out of drink-making:

6. This beer foamer that can salvage Kyle's imperfect pour:

7. This two-sided glass the world didn't know it needed:

8. This mounted bottle opener that's always there when you need it:

9. This beer-chilling device that will keep your brew at the perfect temp:

10. This enormous cocktail shaker so you can make everyone's drink at once:

11. This beer + shot glass:

12. This space-saving bottle holder:

13. This kit for making the perfect ice to suit any drink:

Few things say "adult" like the ability to ask guests "And how do you like your ice?"

14. This leather beer holster for the outlaw in all of us:

15. And lastly, these literal beer goggles that help you keep track of your beer:

The key to winning any pregame is by building a strong roster. Make sure to keep BEST DAMN Root Beer, BEST DAMN Cherry Cola, and BEST DAMN Apple Ale in your starting rotation.

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