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12 Things More Stressful Than Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping can be the absolute worst. There are few things more stress-inducing than frantically searching for gifts with thousands of panicky strangers. To breathe a little easier this holiday season, head to and have a very Merry Stressless with their Free Shipping on orders over $20 promise!

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1. Driving in busy traffic WITH NO STEERING WHEEL.

2. Making a huge error at work.


Well now nobody's getting a present.

3. Waiting for this storm to ruin your life.


Hold on to your houses, kids.

4. Literally falling off a cliff.


This would be totally painful, but not as painful as standing in line with all the other last-minute shoppers.

5. When you're having a great time on the bouncy slide and it TAKES FLIGHT.

6. When all the ketchup comes out at once.


Goodbye, tasty meal. We hardly knew ye.

7. Your entire wedding party drowning.

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8. Having your phone stolen.


Is there anything worse? The answer is no. There's not.

9. Missing the last train home.

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You forgot your coat, and it's starting to get cold out.

10. Accidentally throwing your bowling ball through the ROOF.

It's hard to decide what's more stressful: the destruction of private property or the embarrassment of not knocking over a single pin.

11. Carrying the hopes and dreams of thousands of people on your shoulders.

12. When you're stuck with a TIMEBOMB.

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13. Having a tarantula on your skin.