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The Magic Of In-N-Out Burger

Do you remember your first time you took your first bite of your first cheeseburger? If you do then you probably got a better memory than I do.

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I remember the first time I took a bite out of my first In-N-Out burger. That is the day my life changed. I was in elementary school in Arizona. It was the last day of 5th grade in sunny Yuma, Arizona. I got home sweaty and tired from enjoying my first day of summer in the Arizona heat.

After taking a shower my mom asked me if I wanted to try the new In-N-Out at the outlet mall. I said to her "yeah that's fine", little did I know what I was in for. This was my first time at the west coast style burger joint. I didn't think much of the appearance of the venue, I was always used to McDonalds and Burger King's crowded play areas. But the hygienic appearance of the restaurant was appealing since I've never been a fan of dirty play areas.

My mother ordered us both a combination #2, a cheeseburger, fries, and coke. I was famished from playing all day prior to going to In-N-Out. As my mom approached our table, I immediately noticed the golden glow of buns, and bright green lettuce, with the signature secret sauce dripping off the meat. I was excited as could be to stuff my face.

Still to this day I remember how much I was craving that burger on that hot summer day. As I was taking a bite, a drop of secret sauce fell on my tongue before I bit down. As the creamy brown sauce ignited my tastebuds, I savored every single bite of that burger. Let's not forget their golden fries. The unique In-N-Out fries have to be one of best tasting fried potatoes I have ever munched on next to my mom's homemade fries.

In-N-Out is widely recognized as an American icon for it's limited locations spanding through the American west coast. The attention to detail in each individual ingredient has made the food chain so successful, as well as it's immaculate customer service. The success of it's customer service is what drives loyal customers to return. The California food chain is so famous it has become a go to destination for those who have never had In-N-Out. I highly recommend it for any person who loves a good burger.

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