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15 Reasons Bernie Sanders Is The Candidate We've Been Waiting For

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3. His Reddit AMA didn't shy away from the hard questions:

We're on @reddit_AMA at 4 p.m. EST. Ask me anything.

ISIS? GMO labeling? Transgender people in the military? Marijuana legalization? Senator Sanders fielded them all with candor, to the delight of the Reddit community.

4. He spoke at Liberty University and showed how politics can bridge ideological differences:

Courtesy of Bernie Sanders /

Bernie Sanders addressed his conservative evangelical audience by looking at issues of poverty and income inequality through a Christian and social justice lens.

Read the full annotated speech here.

5. He sponsored a bill to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour:

Courtesy of Bernie Sanders

The senator co-sponsored the Pay Workers a Living Wage Act to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 and help nearly 53 million Americans.

Sign his petition to #RaiseTheWage here.

6. He was the first candidate to hit 2.5 million donations:

Courtesy of Revolution Messaging / Photographer: Eric Elofson

Campaign finance reform has been an important platform for Sanders — particularly his condemnation of super PACS — and watching him finance his campaign through grassroots fundraising has gone a long way to inspire trust.

Bernie recently hit over 2.5 million online contributions — surpassing even Obama's record! — and averaged less than $30 per contribution.

7. He actually turned away money to make a point:

Courtesy of Bernie Sanders /

When Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical CEO infamous for increasing the price of malaria/toxoplasmosis medication by 5,000%, donated $2,700 to Bernie Sanders' campaign, Bernie gave the full amount to an HIV/AIDS clinic in Washington, D.C.

8. His reprimand of Alan Greenspan on the state of the economy can only be described as epic:

Facebook: video.php

In 2003, Senator Sanders berated then-Chair of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan for economic policies benefitting the wealthy and neglecting the rest (read: the majority!) of America.

Quotable quote: "The country clubs and cocktail parties are NOT the real America!"

This deep cut will definitely make you #FeelTheBern.

He also tweeted at Donald Trump 😛:

The U.S. is a strong nation when we stand together. We are weak when we allow racism and xenophobia to divide us. cc: @realDonaldTrump

11. He attacked giant oil companies that profit off of the environment:

#ExxonKnew about climate change before anyone else did. Now, they’re lying about it for profit. Enough—we must put #PeopleBeforePolluters.

Bernie has a strong stance on climate change that includes taking the power away from the billionaire fossil fuel lobby.

His hashtag #PeopleBeforePolluters says it all.

12. He introduced legislation banning privately run prisons:

Courtesy of Bernie Sanders /

The senator came out in support of the Justice Is Not for Sale Act, which would abolish the use of private for-profit prisons to incarcerate American prisoners and detainees.

Bernie says it best: "By treating prisoners and detainees as a means to a profit margin, we’re incentivizing jailors to lobby for ever more inmates, and for inmates to be denied even the basic staples they’re entitled to."

13. He once came out with this zinger:

If men were giving birth to babies, there would not be a lot of discussion regarding the right to choose.


(Then join Bernie in his fight for women's rights.)

14. Speaking of zingers:

Courtesy of Bernie Sanders

"Instead of cutting benefits for the men and women who have served our country, we should ask the most profitable corporations and the wealthiest among us to pay their fair share."


15. He ventured into the world of Snapchat (and it was hilarious):

Instagram: @berniesanders

"What is this Snapshot thing and why do I only get ten seconds?"

A valid question. You tell 'em, Bernie.

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