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11 Captivating Pieces Of Bermuda Trivia You Have To Know About

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3. If you come to Bermuda, there's a high probability you'll see the island's most famous resident.

Courtesy of Bermuda Tourism Authority

Rain or shine, Johnny Barnes — one of Bermuda’s most beloved residents — welcomes people going into and out of Hamilton from 5 a.m.–11 a.m. every weekday, and there's even a bronze statue that's been erected in his honor.

7. Bermudians are known worldwide as Onions.


Since the mid-1800s, onions have become one of Bermuda’s major exports, so much so that Bermudians are known worldwide as Onions, and Bermuda is known as the Onion Patch.

8. Reportedly, Shakespeare was inspired by Bermuda to write The Tempest.


En route to Jamestown, the ship known as the Sea Venture shipwrecked on Bermuda. The crew survived and made boats from timber on the island to continue their journey. This story is said to be the inspiration of Shakespeare's The Tempest.

10. St. Peter’s Church in St. George is the oldest still-in-use Anglican church in the Western Hemisphere.

The church was completed by Christmas 1612, making it nearly 404 years old.

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