This Is What Happens When Real People Try DIY Projects

The Internet is full of “easy” DIY projects that are actually designed and created by professionals. See what happens when average people attempt projects that actually involve a little more handy work than a mason jar craft.

1. Wood + Iron Table by HomeMade Modern

Despite the size and cost, this is one of our most popular projects. That makes sense because if you’re going to take the time to make something, it might as well be something that would otherwise cost a lot of money. A similar table from Restoration Hardware or Crate & Barrel could easily cost more than $1,000.

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Wood + Iron Table by Real People

Wood + Iron Tables by Bob W. (left) and Kristen R. (right)
This project consistently turns out great. The more warped and nicked the wood, the more rustic and industrial the table looks. A table like this is perfect for someone with limited wood-working skills because it’s supposed to look rough.

Result: The user-submitted tables look just as good as the original. In both cases the users were able to change the size of the table to better fit their homes. Good looks, easy construction and a customizable size is what makes this project popular.

2. Bucket Stool by HomeMade Modern

We’ve seen this project built by people on 4 different continents. It’s quick and simple but doesn’t always come out perfect. Common issues people have are the concrete sticking to the bucket, using too much water and the having uneven legs. Thankfully, concrete is cheap and if it doesn’t work the first time, clean the bucket and try again.

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Bucket Stool by Real People

Bucket Stools by Clara C. (left) and Jack V. (right)
The bucket stool has been made by celebrities such as renowned DJ TOKiMONSTA and YouTube artist sensation Clara Chung.

Result: The user-submitted stools came out great. Taking the time to create a nice-looking scene can get you a lot more likes when you post your DIY creations on social media. Search #HomeMadeModern on Instagram to see more bucket stools by real people.

3. Plywood Media Console by HomeMade Modern

The plywood media console takes a lot of cutting and screwing. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop people from making this layered media manager and customizing it to fit their specific storage needs.

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Plywood Media Console by Real People

Media Console by Jonathan C.
This is a great example of how a DIY concept can be modified and adapted. Jonathan used the idea of staking plywood and reconfigured the layout for his own needs. He even added in a cabinet door.

Result: Jonathan was able to cleanly replicate the stacked plywood technique and adapt the design to better fit his needs.

4. Concrete + Wood Coffee Table by HomeMade Modern

I designed the concrete and wood coffee table as an indoor table but it has proven to be popular as an outdoor furniture DIY project.

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Concrete + Wood Coffee Table by Real People

Concrete + Wood Coffee Table by Giancarlo T.

Result: This table was executed accurately and the staining of the table base to match the deck is a nice touch.

5. Geometric Doghouse by HomeMade Modern

The geometric doghouse is a tricky project and I didn’t expect a lot of people to attempt this DIY. I completely underestimated the lengths people will go to make cool things for their pets.

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Geometric Doghouse by Real People

Geometric dog/cat houses by Nicholas D. (left), Anni H. (right) and my favorite user submission of all time by Mikey M. (bottom)

Arthur the dog, Sylvia the cat and Nightmare the cat got stylish new geometric homes that also nicely double as modern end tables.

Result: These dog/cat houses turned out really well. A few simple adjustments in size make this project great for best friends of all pet varieties.

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