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    A DIY Desk That Can Organize Your Life

    Ben Uyeda from HomeMade Modern shows how easy it is to make a multi-tasking desk for small living spaces using just a single sheet of plywood.

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    Supplies + Tools

    1. Pick Your Plywood

    2. Cut the Plywood Strips

    3. Cut the Strips to Length

    4. Screw the Strips

    5. Mark the Top

    6. Screw the Hinges to the Lids

    7. Mark the Hinge Locations

    8. Cut a Recess for the Hinges

    9. Screw in the Lid into Place

    10. Screw on the Top Pieces

    11. Sanding

    12. Screw on the Legs

    13. Get Organized

    14. Finish