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    Make Your Own Death Star

    Use novelty Star Wars ice cube molds to cast concrete vases, wall hooks and other knick knacks. Darth Vader would approve.

    Supplies + Tools

    Quikrete Countertop Mix

    Available at Home Depot

    Quikrete Countertop Mix is about twice the price of normal concrete mix but it’s worth it for detailed, small projects like this. The concrete comes out as smooth as glass and it easier to mix than Quikrete 5000.

    Death Star Silicone Tray

    Available at

    Stormtroopers Silicone Tray

    Available at

    3M Duct Tape

    Available at Home Depot

    Husky 8" Long Nose Pliers

    Available at Home Depot

    Box Cutter

    Available at Home Depot

    1. Cut the mold

    Use a box cutter to cut a small X at the top of the mold. Cut a 1 inch diameter hole in the bottom of the mold.

    2. Insert a plastic ballpoint pen in the X

    The soft rubber mold will seal itself around the pen.

    3. Close and tape the mold

    Use duct tape to securely seal the mold.

    4. Fill the mold with concrete

    I used a little more water than usual so that the concrete would settle into each detail of the mold.

    5. Vibrate

    To ensure that the concrete settles into every crevice, vigorously tap/vibrate the filled mold to release any trapped air bubbles.

    6. Remove the mold

    Peel off the mold and use a lighter to soften the plastic pen before pulling it out with the long nose pliers.

    7. Repeat steps to make Stormtrooper hooks, etc.

    Use the silicone Star Wars Stormtrooper mold to make handy little cabinet pulls, magnets and wall hooks for hanging USB wires.

    8. May the force be with you...

    Good luck making your own Star Wars Death Star vase and Stormtrooper knick knacks and please email or tweet photos to @benuyeda or For more detailed instructions on this an other DIY projects, check out