How To Make A DIY Kitchen Island With A Concrete Countertop

    Because every man (/woman/human) needs an island.

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    Supplies + Tools

    1. Download the Plan

    2. Cut the Melamine Board

    3. Screw On the Supports

    4. Glue Down the Formwork

    5. Seal + Clean the Form

    6. Prepare the Rebar

    7. Mix + Pour the Concrete

    8. Pack Down the Concrete + Vibrate the Form

    9. Let the Concrete Cure

    Let the concrete cure for at least 48 hours before removing the form. The manufacturer suggests covering the concrete to control moisture.

    10. Remove the Form

    11. Cut the Wood

    12. Assemble the Bottom Tray

    13. Assemble the Top Frame

    14. Screw On the Legs

    15. Screw In the Bottom Tray

    16. Add Additional Screws

    17. Field Measure + Cut the Top Trim Pieces

    18. Put On the Top

    19. Seal the Concrete

    Good luck making your own Wood + Concrete Kitchen Island and please email, tweet or hashtag photos to @benuyeda, or #homemademodern. For more DIY ideas, visit us at HomeMade Modern.