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    You'll Never Be As Good As The Kid Version Of You

    Grow up (v.): Waste your entire life on meaningless jobs for the rare chance to earn enough to live like you never grew up in the first place.

    When you were little, you lived by your own rules.

    Clean up? More like dump out your toys and do something else.


    Did someone say swag? Could've sworn I heard someone say swag.


    School was boring, but at least it was SUPER easy.

    I was told there was a quiz today — yet all I see are these clown questions, bro.

    You were utterly FEARLESS.

    Food was better.


    Drinks were better.


    Who needs the club? You had VIP Access to McDonald's Players Place.

    The average person spends 22% of their life working.

    So even though you're not as cool as you used to be...

    ...try to remember where you came from.