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How To Stalk Or Spy Your Boyfriend / Girlfriend On Facebook?

Few tips to keep track your boyfriend or girlfriend on Facebook and manage your relationship : )

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Facebook Relationship

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Facebook : "give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected"

Facebook connect people around the world ? (Ans: YES)

Facebook link people together into a relationship ? (Ans: YES)

So...... can Facebook disconnect people from a relationship ?

(Ans: YES and there are so many ways to do so!)

(Facebook bringing us together but also driving us apart as well !)

Here are some "tricks or traps" in Facebook between a couple...

1, Check the Notifications to see the "Accepted Friend Request"

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Facebook help people to meet new friend in a easier way.

"XXXXX accepted your friend request"

This should be one of the worst notification for your partner to "notice" LOL

There is a huge different between your boyfriend send a friend request to a girl and a girl send a friend request to your boyfriend : )

2, Find out who is the lucky one to become a "Close Friend"

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Facebook help people to divide their friends in different groups.

When someone has a tick on the "Close Friends" column, this is a "Suspect" !

When someone has a tick on the "Close Friends" & "Get notifications" column......

OPS.......he / she must be so important in some reason :D

3,Check the Post to dig more details and interaction

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Facebook gives space and opportunity for people to interact with other in anywhere and anytime.

First, Check the comment for sure !!!

Next, See who "Like" the post.

WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! No one cares who "Like" the post !

Find out the one who respond the post with various button such as "Love" or "Haha" or "Wow"

Those are the people who want to be the special one !

4, Spot the "UNUSUAL" Fans Pages

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Technology such as Facebook reflect our interests.

YES ! There maybe a lot of stuff your boyfriend / girlfriend likes.

BUT ! There maybe one or two can get your attention .

If both of you hate cat, but your partner likes a cat page...

You get the point right?

If you don't get it, I am sorry, just press the "Back" button on the top left corner : (

WAIT ! I do not want to make people break up with their partner.............

ACTUALLY, This post is just a friendly reminder for those people who has a boyfriend / girlfriend who like to check their Facebook.........

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