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Zayn Wore A Pink Suit To The Grammys And I Now Can't Stand Up For Obvious Reasons

Frame a picture of Zayn in pink and put it in the Louvre tbh.

I know you're all busy people so I'm just gonna get into this really quick – Zayn wore a pink suit to the Grammys and I have a lot of #FEELINGS about it.

I won't lie to you, they're mostly thirsty feelings because... well, just look at him.

I guess you'll want to see the suit in all of its glory (wink wink) so here ya go. It's basically a gift.

But when Zayn's involved, a close up is always better for obvious reasons (his face being the main one).

And not only did Zayn look hot AF in his pink suit, he also had a white rose embroidered on it to show support for the #MeToo and Time's Up movement.

Since I'm kinda speechless right now, I guess I'll leave you with this very true statement.

The Grammys looked good but not as good as Zayn Malik