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7 Couples That Didn't Exist In "Harry Potter" But Should've

They didn't happen in the books, but they happened in our hearts.

1. First up, there's obviously Draco and Harry, who make up the "Drarry" ship.

2. Their anger towards each other was clearly just sexual tension, and everybody knows it.

3. A whole new series could be written about that ship, and oh, how things would be different.

4. Which of course leads us to the most recent ship: Scorpius and Albus, or "Scorbus".

5. Everybody knows they belong together, whether J.K. Rowling tells us so or not.

6. The most heartwarming ship has to be "Wolfstar" aka Lupin and Sirius.

7. They would've made the cutest, not to mention funniest, ship of all.

8. Although their efforts to raise Harry might not have been the best parenting.

9. But what a humorous household to live in anyway.

10. An unlikely ship, but a fervently supported one, is Draco and Hermione, aka "Dramione".

11. Let's be honest: That would be one rocky relationship.

12. And Hermione deserves a lot better (sorry about it, Dramione fans).

13. Let's be real — everybody already knew about Dean and Seamus.

14. Umbridge was trying to stop all naughty wand play, but her heterosexual standards didn't apply to this power couple.

15. But with Seamus's reputation for blowing everything up, Dean would have his work cut out.

16. The cutest ship of all could possibly be Luna and Ginny, and if thoughts of their marriage doesn't bring a tear to your eye then you're stone-hearted.

17. The most obvious ship is of course Harry and Ron, duh.

18. But they're just bros at heart, really.

19. Which leaves Harry...well, on his own. It's lonely work saving the entire wizarding community, but somebody's got to do it.

So there you have it: the couples in the wizarding world that never were.