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    Willow Smith Walked In On Jada And Will Having Sex

    "Oh my god this is so crazy, what did I just see?"

    For those not in the know, Jada Pinkett Smith has been hosting a successful round table talk series on Facebook. In the most recent episode of Red Table Talk, the topic was sex and Jada was joined by her mother Adrienne, daughter Willow, and Willow's best friend Telena.

    In the opening minutes of the discussion, Willow admitted that her first introduction to sex was walking in on her parents, not at all famous couple Will and Jada, getting down while away in Aspen.

    According to Willow, the story goes that she was going downstairs for some juice when she caught her parents at it, and quickly ran away.

    "I was like oh my god this is so crazy, what did I just see? It wasn't like I was seeing everything, it was dark, it was silhouetted."

    Jada was, to put it simply, shook, having had no idea that this had even happened. When she asked Willow how she felt about what she'd seen, Willow said:

    I just overstepped a boundary, like I wasn't supposed to be there. It's like if I walked in on you meditating. When mommy's meditating, don't get in her business.

    Discussing if she would feel uncomfortable talking to her dad about sex, Willow said that their past conversations have been "very serious, but it's not emotional".

    You can watch the full episode of Red Table Talk here:

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