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Has Everybody Noticed This Small "Friends" Detail? Am I Just Late To The Party?


Ahhh, Friends – one of the best shows to ever grace our TV screens. After watching it for the millionth time, you'd think everybody would know all the little details, but I've just spotted one that you might've missed.

So you remember Season 4 and the episode "The One With the Wedding Dresses", right? It gave us this iconic image.

Well, you might also remember that there's a knock at the door while the girls are in their wedding dresses, and Monica panics because she thinks it's Chandler.

Monica doesn't want Rachel to answer the door because "he'll see us" and that's when Phoebe hits us with THIS.

You'll probably remember that Chandler and Monica actually got married, so this is the cutest foreshadowing ever. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL.

When they think it's Chandler knocking on the door, Monica teases us even more!

Let me just remind you that when Chandler and Monica get engaged, THERE ARE CANDLES EVERYWHERE FOR THEIR BIG DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know about you, but this is very me right now.