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    This Football Team Clapped The Fuck Back To This Homophobic Troll

    "We'd rather you didn't."

    So yesterday, football team Manchester United announced that they will be the first UK football club to partner up with LGBT charity Stonewall, which is pretty fantastic news.

    We've become the first UK football club to partner with LGBT equality charity @StonewallUK:…

    The partnership is aiming to help "tackle LGBT issues in sport and society, while looking at best practice and ways in which inclusion and equality can be improved in football."

    Although the partnership is a great push for inclusivity and equality, there were some negative comments in response.

    @ManUtd @stonewalluk I'd rather support Bolton Wanderers than a club that endorses immorality without considering the fans

    But it turns out that this Manchester United fan won't be welcome at Bolton either.

    So, that's that then. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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