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People Feel Awkward Over This Conversation Between Katy Perry And Ryan Seacrest That They Didn't Realise Was On Live TV

"You're not a mom. Wanna talk about it?"

Season 16 of American Idol has had its fair share of ~moments~, from Katy Perry and "wig", to the debacle of Perry tricking a contestant into kissing her.

But it turns out the cringeworthy moments aren't over just yet. In one of the most recent episodes, host Ryan Seacrest had a very awkward conversation with Katy Perry where he didn't appear to realise they were actually on live TV.

Seemingly ignoring Katy telling him they were on air, Ryan said that her mom was pretty. Katy, who looked a little taken aback, jokingly said that she hoped the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Ryan then looked at the camera and back at Katy, still not appearing to realise they were live on air.

When Katy said "not yet", Ryan replied "wanna talk about it?". Lionel Richie can be heard in the background then saying "Don't start, don't start."

An awkward silence followed where Ryan looked like he realised they were actually on air.

Confirming nobody really knew what was happening, Katy asked if they were live.

People on Twitter reacted to the awkward moment, saying they felt uncomfortable watching the exchange.

katy perry literally had to tell ryan seacrest that the cameras were rolling and he continues to hit on her, asks if she’s a mom and says “you wanna talk about it??” after she says no. what’s going on i’m uncomfortable #AmericanIdol

Did #RyanSeacrest just ask @katyperry if she "wanted to talk" about not having kids yet? Maybe I heard it wrong. Plus was he hitting on her mom? Very awkward and uncomfortable. #AmericanIdol

Some even called the moment creepy and asked if Ryan's questions were appropriate.

What was with that creepy #AmericanIdol moment with Ryan Seacrest just now? I am so uncomfortable. 😩😩😩😖

That delay on @AmericanIdol when no one knew they were back so Ryan Seacrest asks Katy Perry if she's a mom and if she wants him to help with that made me feel so uncomfortable. Is that an appropriate question? I don't think so.

You can watch the awkward exchange for yourself here:

View this video on YouTube

BuzzFeed have contacted representatives of Ryan Seacrest for comment.